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there are questions within each scenario


Starting with children 3+ nursery age check if your child does the following

Starts trying to colour to a line then scribbles all over the rest and other pages.

Some time ago I wrote in my blog babies communicating without words this came from a question how do I cope I have no younger brothers or sisters so have had no experience with a baby. Different signs or movements indicated like or dislike one of the movement’s very clearly indicted dislike as if scribbling.

Drawing shapes to colour two very thin lines then scribbling all over.  Parental view! Loosing of temper through total frustration, now approach from a different view let her watch you draw some larger letters cut them out telling her it is her name to stick on her bedroom door. Ask her to pick the colours for each letter and colour them in her best colouring and then blue-tac onto the door in order. The benefits; colouring there will be a big improvement in her standard as you apply each letter she will see her name building up with letter shapes and it has been a lot of fun without tears then do letter cut outs for things in her room forming the word door draws each time show her how to make the letter shapes for them to colour in then do them closer to gather to form word shapes it helps her to understand that letter shapes make word shapes.  Parental view! You be the judge. Please leave a comment

You will have a bond with your child talk to them at every opportunity everything you see where ever you are before they can talk then they will trust your information and try to copy you some time at night you will hear them practicing the sounds before they go to sleep very quickly learning to talk then start reading bedtime stories using finger pointing to the words then building to your child doing the pointing. Please leave a comment

Going to nursery school happy to go until one day starts crying. Parent reaction you have to go without finding out the reason I asked her what was the problem her answer, ‘Nobody listens to me, My Mam the Teacher the Dinner lady.’ ‘Fine we have been great friends all along I will listen’ ‘Ok but don’t tell mam.’ What was bothering her was a boy taking her coat off her peg and throwing her coat and her shoes away. Tell him to stop or you will tell grandad and he was in the army and he will box your ears. Next day going to school skipping and dancing the boy took her coat off her peg then she said, ‘If you throw it away again my Granddad will put your ears in a box.’

After that, everything was fine it payed to listen. Please leave your comments.

If there is a problem not getting dressed and there is always a last minute rush, ask them what is wrong and listen to their answers or reasons don’t just rush in too cause confrontation. any points they bring up take up the point and ask them how they would deal with it. Eventually you will get to the bottom of the problems and then you can start to help them.   Please leave your comments.


Just ask what is a syllable? Listen to their answer then ask them to show you how to turn this word Suppercalifragalasticexpallydoshous into syllables. If they have problems take any page of writing and turn it into syllables a very simple piece of work or is it. This is the building blocks of words with no basic there follows great difficulty. Now take a subject they like example space travel and the planets you will be amazed the difference in ability.

Test this for yourself.   Please leave your comments.

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Inquiring Mind

This young boy has a very inquiring mind. Explaining why punctuation is there and what it does is far more important to him. Then he can work out how to use it himself.

Test it out on your own family you will be amazed at the results. Try to understand their way of thinking. Would you rather write sentences about what you’re interested in, or a subject you hate? You are still learning to write sentences correctly with a capital letter and full stop within your field of interest.

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Failure through Stress

Failure through Stress

The new tables show GCSE successes 65%

Congratulations to the successful contenders.

Leaving 35% with a poor standard of academic success

Now let’s take a look at the not so successful contenders the feeling of complete devastation. There has to be an explanation, it is too easy to say they didn’t try. As a dyslexic I have been down that route. This is so demoralising BUT if they had been tested on the subjects they are interested in. Their knowledge would surprise many people.

It was very interesting at a writing club where I come under fire every week for reverting to dyslexia writing. Then I wrote a technical paper involving a design for a compressor installation. For pressures between 190 psi and 210 psi, to include safety cages for the safe inflation of tyres.  It also has to include water traps and drain a ways.

I designed and installed it in a day including welding where necessary this was a minor part of my skills.

Manual skills and hand dexterity are just as important as paper qualifications.

Now think I can do things that others can’t.

The comment at the writing club, ‘I have no doubt the technical side is completely correct I could not dispute it as this is not my field of expertise.

Education is only testing the academic part and ignoring personal skills.

The ones who suffer from stress panic can answer a greater number of questions if asked verbally but suffer freeze up when faced with writing the answers down.

My experience 14% written 100% verbal for the same questions.

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Raymond Johnson.

Research into the effect of re-hydration

This is following on from Grandad Ray’s warning.

The effect of re-hydration is phenomenal but the down-side from drinking 1.5 litres of water per day I put on 4 kilos of weight in ten days.

Testing my blood pressure daily I reduced the water intake by 300 mls per day my weight dropped quite quickly my blood pressure remained excellent.

I kept on reducing the water intake until I was down to 300ml then the blood pressure started to fall so increased to 600ml per day my blood pressure  returned to 120 over 69 and has remained so for a week.

My interest in writing is returning and the ability to think clearly the tiredness is improving and vision has returned to clear.

I was talking to a young girl sitting A level Exams by chance commented that she always took a 500ml bottle of water into each exam as it kept her brain clear to think.

On questioning her about the water she discovered drinking water helped with her homework then tested it on mock exams the results were better than she expected so used the water in her real exams and she has A stars for the three main ones, to enter college.

This confirmed my research into the advantage of water.

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My Mammy

This poem was putting together the thoughts of a severely down syndrome cousin upon the death of his mother

My Mammy

Was a Queen on earth

Who took great care of me

Now! Living In the stars

A special place to be

She is my Queen of Angels,

Who is watching over me

I’m being taken care of

I know that you can see

I have my own special room

With new friends I have made

It’s like a special family

And Cuddles thinks it great

There are lots of things

I’d like to say

But you can read my thoughts

God bless you Mammy up above

Looking down at me on earth

By Ray Johnson

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Dehydration Warning

This is an important Warning.

By Granddad Ray

Dehydration and its effect can be very serious on your blood pressure from lying down systolic 114 dropping down to 84 standing up. Sitting down when your dehydrated trying to concentrate using a computer or reading, writing and maths etc is all effected.

I was rushed into hospital on a Friday night with this problem, standing. The room was spinning. I had difficulty concentrating on questions that were being asked, also dancing letters on the pages.

As I am slightly anaemic this was thought to be the cause. Blood tests were carried out at intervals during the night blood proved to be constant. The Dr said you don’t need a transfusion. We are transferring you to Ward 41 I knew this to be the stroke ward.

Testing started at six am systolic 114 over sixty eight one hour later same again. Another blood test fine.

Eight AM another blood pressure test. First lying down 114 over 68.

Then standing up dropped to 84 I did not even look at the other pressure. I had to drink 750 ml of water then a repeated pressure test this time systolic 116 lying down   90 standing up

Nine AM Another 750ml of water, nine fifteen another blood pressure test 116 sitting 112 standing, the room remained stable, forms became readable.

I have tried an experiment writing before drinking the water. I had reverted to dyslexic writing missing out link words and a couple of spaces and punctuation.

I then drank 1.5lt of water then restarted writing, back to normal.

This experience made me think about the conductivity of water within our body.

Another thing was the clarity of vision. I had not noticed was a little feathery before.

If you wish to try this go ahead. I am overjoyed at the effect.

Your comments would be appreciated.

Granddad Ray


Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 58

going to study forest management. Josh is going to a physical training establishment and I am going to university to study Law.’

Mr Grimly came up to the group carrying the typewriter which had survived the blast. ‘This belongs to you Peter.’

Cumming up the drive was the Austin ten with May behind the wheel pulling up in front of the group.

‘Where are Maurice and Harry? Come here Peter she gave him a big hug, ‘Good luck it is great news you will do well. Now don’t let Paula terrify the life out of you. It’s your turn for a cuddle Paula my little princess, I should really say my grown up princess’

‘Hi Aunty May it is great to see you. You have not been to see us for a long time I miss the long rides through the woods with you.’

‘You can take Peter with you; he is very good with horses. Well boys put your kit in the car with Rupert’s I am expected at the hall as soon as possible.’ shaking hands with the men and Peter; May left after having a word with Commander Grimly about the rebuilding of the damaged school.

Victor, Sir Damien Mr Young and Commander Grimly retired to the Head Master’s Office for Lunch served by the pupils. Girls were not allowed in the school so we are taking you in for lunch and I pity the person who tries to stop us. Marching into the dining hall one on each side the new head boy came forth to do his duty. There was a sudden silence.

‘It’s my duty to inform you that no young ladies are allowed in this dining room’

Paula Grabbed his shirt front and kissed him then said in a loud voice ‘I challenge you to throw me out! Or any one of you! There was a loud chorus you can sit with me miss. The Head boy said we would deem it a privilege if you will dine with us Miss Voss.

The three of them sat at the top table to be waited on by the head boy then Typical of Paula she asked him to join them for lunch and instructed one of the boys to take over as waiter.

‘Clive how is your sister Christine? She was bridesmaid at Minot’s Wedding in Chester the last time we met.

Yes, ‘You must be Paula you two had a horse race at the reception, and Mater was not amused, the guests thought it was a put up job as a joke then you started rodeo riding standing on the saddle. Minot’s face changed at least sixty times from smiling to fury and back again.’

‘Do you know Cousin Mark and Peter?’

Yes and Rupert they are the school heroes which will be hard to live up to but I will try my best.

‘You’re lucky staying here I will have to tame these two with friendly persuasion’

Too quickly the meal was over and time to up root. Hot foot it to the car, Mr Young handed Mark a highly polished knuckle duster this should add to your memories it was dislodged by the bomb blast.

With the last shaking of hands they departed in Sir Damien’s car.

Continued in The secret life of Lord Rupert Blocky on kindle in the search Type in Lord Rupert Blocky