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I have set up two new groups for dyslexic suffers to be able to communicate with each other anywhere in the world using Dyslexic language no spell checking just write. It is the first words we learn and use I have been using it for seventy eight years.

Now I wil right in dyslexic please donot use strong language when you write to others and no relidgeious slurs. it is expected that we all muzt use academic English at all times. Each and every trade or occupation has its own genre and that is used to comunigate with outher.

I look forward to welcomming you to the groups and reading your entries and questions come and join it is all FREE !!!!

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I am passionately involved in the study of dyslexia. I was fortunately given the chance to join a writers group in 2010 there were three retired school teachers.

The chairman a retired head master and head of English. The process was everybody wrote a story and handed copies to all the other members and then read aloud to the group. I in due course read my story.  Then a lady member shouted I’m not even going to try to read this rubbish. The chairman shouted at her, ‘Say no more’ then asked, ‘if I was dyslexic?’  ‘Yes’.

From then on the whole group have worked with me teaching me how to edit my own and their work over a four and three quarter years I being the youngest at now 78. It took some time to understand the difference between reading the story and editing the story for others to be able to read.

Many questions arose over this period. One was the discussion on the length of a paragraph I found their paragraphs were too long and caused losing my place they found my paragraphs were too short but it did not affect the story. I wrote my book “Backs to the Wall 1939” Amazon kindle using writing techniques learned over the last four and three-quarter years. It is for Dyslexic children and adults over 12 years.

A conversation one day triggered off re-search into new-born babies communicating without speech another about two young sisters totally opposite then I applied my new knowledge many links clearly showed potential Dyslexia at two year old and later at school she came home with a story. My teacher can’t read this so I will read it to you a (retired teacher). there were at least 15 spellings wrong including Bcoz the point being she read the words correctly. I would like to verify this by testing others using a simple conversation. With the parents and children, the conversations could take place through Facebook or e-mails.

A research unit run by a dyslexic person is a possibility? A dyslexic person is a visionary person. Who can see each side and beyond the box. To see why and how things work

I have read many pamphlets and books on dyslexia, only to be disappointed that most of them are only interested in publishing statistics. That has no meaning for a dyslexic person who has difficulty with reading and comprehension.   Rather than working type Question and answer book of their particular problems produced by a re-search unit. I would appreciate your views. Good luck and Best wishes Ray.

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Grandparent’s conversation

Grandparent’s conversation

2nd December talking about young granddaughters, (call them Maxi and Mini) Maxi aged nine the other one Mini six.

The older one had no problems with reading or writing from being very young spelling and maths not a problem colouring in always kept within the lined areas.

It was the second one was the one that interested me.

Mini had no interest in colouring in it was a big scribble all-over.

No interest in story- picture books asked to read she would tell her own story from the pictures.

Then said to grandma, ‘this is my story I will read it to you, I can read it easy, but my teacher cannot read it. So you will not be able to read it. This out of the mouth of a six year-old But I can play football better than older boys and I am good at other things we do.

The signs of Dyslexia are there the teacher should have picked this up within her writing. words were only half written example Bcoz for because and  many other  words now when she read it out loud she said because and pronounced the other words correctly It was her way of spelling the sounds.


This is what happened to me 72 years ago. And still happens now but using the spell checker in the drop down menu there is usually the correct spelling and I recognize the word and use it.

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Conversations with a Six Year Old

Conversations with a six Year Old

‘Granddad I’m writing sentences that start with a capital letter and end with a full stop how boring is that?

‘Oh that’s interesting.’ What do you think you should be doing?

I liked learning about space travel and the planets. I could write loads of sentences about that I know the names of the main planets.  Or about dinosaurs when you were young, there are crocodiles and geckos some lizards all from that age.

Come into the room with me press that button. It’s for Nans magic door.

We walked to the door to see the garage door opening. ‘I said that’s magic.

‘No Granddad it is a radio controlled garage door. I will show you the control power pack that operates the door. My radio controlled car works the same except it uses batteries.

The sentences I have to write have nothing to do with real things.

My dad and Mum say I have to do it for my homework.

‘I know you like reading books does your books start with a capital letter and the sentences end with a full stop?’ ‘I suppose so’    Good  the full stop is a breath mark there are different marks but just do what the teacher tells you to do now you know the secret about the full stop. I will always remember the space between words you showed me.

Nobody said that Granddad I wish people would tell me why they are important Sentences are more interesting now.

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Failure through Stress

Failure through Stress

The new tables show GCSE successes 65%

Congratulations to the successful contenders.

Leaving 35% with a poor standard of academic success

Now let’s take a look at the not so successful contenders the feeling of complete devastation. There has to be an explanation, it is too easy to say they didn’t try. As a dyslexic I have been down that route. This is so demoralising BUT if they had been tested on the subjects they are interested in. Their knowledge would surprise many people.

It was very interesting at a writing club where I come under fire every week for reverting to dyslexia writing. Then I wrote a technical paper involving a design for a compressor installation. For pressures between 190 psi and 210 psi, to include safety cages for the safe inflation of tyres.  It also has to include water traps and drain a ways.

I designed and installed it in a day including welding where necessary this was a minor part of my skills.

Manual skills and hand dexterity are just as important as paper qualifications.

Now think I can do things that others can’t.

The comment at the writing club, ‘I have no doubt the technical side is completely correct I could not dispute it as this is not my field of expertise.

Education is only testing the academic part and ignoring personal skills.

The ones who suffer from stress panic can answer a greater number of questions if asked verbally but suffer freeze up when faced with writing the answers down.

My experience 14% written 100% verbal for the same questions.

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Raymond Johnson.

Research into the effect of re-hydration

This is following on from Grandad Ray’s warning.

The effect of re-hydration is phenomenal but the down-side from drinking 1.5 litres of water per day I put on 4 kilos of weight in ten days.

Testing my blood pressure daily I reduced the water intake by 300 mls per day my weight dropped quite quickly my blood pressure remained excellent.

I kept on reducing the water intake until I was down to 300ml then the blood pressure started to fall so increased to 600ml per day my blood pressure  returned to 120 over 69 and has remained so for a week.

My interest in writing is returning and the ability to think clearly the tiredness is improving and vision has returned to clear.

I was talking to a young girl sitting A level Exams by chance commented that she always took a 500ml bottle of water into each exam as it kept her brain clear to think.

On questioning her about the water she discovered drinking water helped with her homework then tested it on mock exams the results were better than she expected so used the water in her real exams and she has A stars for the three main ones, to enter college.

This confirmed my research into the advantage of water.

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My Mammy

This poem was putting together the thoughts of a severely down syndrome cousin upon the death of his mother

My Mammy

Was a Queen on earth

Who took great care of me

Now! Living In the stars

A special place to be

She is my Queen of Angels,

Who is watching over me

I’m being taken care of

I know that you can see

I have my own special room

With new friends I have made

It’s like a special family

And Cuddles thinks it great

There are lots of things

I’d like to say

But you can read my thoughts

God bless you Mammy up above

Looking down at me on earth

By Ray Johnson