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I have set up two new groups for dyslexic suffers to be able to communicate with each other anywhere in the world using Dyslexic language no spell checking just write. It is the first words we learn and use I have been using it for seventy eight years.

Now I wil right in dyslexic please donot use strong language when you write to others and no relidgeious slurs. it is expected that we all muzt use academic English at all times. Each and every trade or occupation has its own genre and that is used to comunigate with outher.

I look forward to welcomming you to the groups and reading your entries and questions come and join it is all FREE !!!!

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Backs to the wall 1939

Just to let you know my book Backs to the Wall 1939 is on special offer .99p at  Amazon kindle books, just type in the title. This offer ends on Monday 28 feb

As I explained I have studied dyslexia for the last four and three quarter years I am 78 this was in a writing group all the members are retired three were teachers one a head master in English. We all printed a copy for each member to follow and ad their critique. After reading my short story, one Person Said I am not going to attempt to even read this rubbish luckily for me the chairman shouted at her, then asked if I was dyslexic. I had to admit ‘yes’ as if it was a disease.

From then on wards the whole group had an input every week to correct my dyslexia

Take one or two problems each week  what was wrong and how to correct them then use in my next story.  Also asking my input into their work, offering me the chance to become treasurer I did by computerizing of the book keeping. Then Continued running the accounts for four years.

This book is based on readability by dyslexics anyone over age of 12. Paragraphing plays a big part. And does not detract from the story, I would appreciate other opinions and any comments.  I am observing from birth to find the origins of Dyslexia.because of the writing group I know what to look for and how to remedy them.

A great Quote   Show me the man that can spell every word in the dictionary And I will show you a fool  If you can’t do it, then you to must be dyslexic. Best wishes Ray.


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Sorry for my absence

I have had my operation for crushed disc’s in my spine so missed the promotion of my book “Backs to the Wall” on the first of February.   There will be a special price of £0.99 from the 22 to 29 Feb when the price returns to £2.10 It is edited in a way for anybody to read from the age of 12 years old including any age dyslexic person.

I would appreciate any comment particularly the experimental paragraphing this does not detract from the story but helps slow readers to read easier to read please make comments the royalties will used to benefit others Best wishes Ray


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Communication without Words

Communicating without Words

This is parents communicating with new-born babies. Have a little think about it. You read their facial expressions even though they don’t know any words. They indicate when they need feeding, changing or had enough to eat by spiting it out or fall asleep when finished drinking. They enjoy receiving attention when they are fully awake. And smile when they feel safe. Also turn away if they don’t like a person.

They take in everything they see, in a soft voice tell them the name of what they’re looking at. This is when they start remembering the sound of words and names.

I use to take my granddaughter out in a buggy when she was only one and talk to her all the time we were out. People often commented he is talking to baby.  A year later I had a wonderful reward from my 2 year old when she said ‘Stop this is the tree where you showed me the birdies home it is up there,’ and she was right. There was a lady passing at the time. She stopped’ ‘How does she know that.’ A little voice said Because Grandad talks to me all the time he showed me this tree and the birdies home I have a home like the birdies. And he listens to me when I tell him about my dolly and we play shops.

I returned as if I was walking on air she is 18 now and at university and today she mentioned a story I told her when she was 5 about the man in the white bow tie. And the time I helped her to ride her bike and how she nearly run over me. And the funny looks people gave us when I was in the buggy.

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A Teachers Question

Hi Janet I have been looking through you’re blogs and comments. I would like to make a point one teacher takes a class of thirty children for one hour per lesson this = 2 minutes per child what is expected of the teacher to be able to achieve in two minutes? I have read many books on the subject all referring to statics and technical data with no simplified instructions for the child or parents to be able to understand their own problems. Best wishes Ray.


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Failure through Stress

Failure through Stress

The new tables show GCSE successes 65%

Congratulations to the successful contenders.

Leaving 35% with a poor standard of academic success

Now let’s take a look at the not so successful contenders the feeling of complete devastation. There has to be an explanation, it is too easy to say they didn’t try. As a dyslexic I have been down that route. This is so demoralising BUT if they had been tested on the subjects they are interested in. Their knowledge would surprise many people.

It was very interesting at a writing club where I come under fire every week for reverting to dyslexia writing. Then I wrote a technical paper involving a design for a compressor installation. For pressures between 190 psi and 210 psi, to include safety cages for the safe inflation of tyres.  It also has to include water traps and drain a ways.

I designed and installed it in a day including welding where necessary this was a minor part of my skills.

Manual skills and hand dexterity are just as important as paper qualifications.

Now think I can do things that others can’t.

The comment at the writing club, ‘I have no doubt the technical side is completely correct I could not dispute it as this is not my field of expertise.

Education is only testing the academic part and ignoring personal skills.

The ones who suffer from stress panic can answer a greater number of questions if asked verbally but suffer freeze up when faced with writing the answers down.

My experience 14% written 100% verbal for the same questions.

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My Mammy

This poem was putting together the thoughts of a severely down syndrome cousin upon the death of his mother

My Mammy

Was a Queen on earth

Who took great care of me

Now! Living In the stars

A special place to be

She is my Queen of Angels,

Who is watching over me

I’m being taken care of

I know that you can see

I have my own special room

With new friends I have made

It’s like a special family

And Cuddles thinks it great

There are lots of things

I’d like to say

But you can read my thoughts

God bless you Mammy up above

Looking down at me on earth

By Ray Johnson