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A Miricle

Evening Chronicle News Desk.

A Miracle has happened to me thanks to the staff of the Belsay Unit.

Campus for ageing and Vitality.

My Miracle after only Three Days.

Short summary of my problems were Difficulty breathing, needing help to stand up from a chair or getting out of bed. Using furniture to move around Nine times falling backwards, breaking my wrist in one of the falls.

First thanks to Prof Dr Sayer for arranging all the required tests, including her thorough examinations.

Secondly Physiotherapist Julia Williamson for jointly designing the exercises returning me to full mobility in a very short time at the age of 78 it is indeed a miracle.

Stage 1: – 20th Aug There are three stages to recovery; first is static balance, followed by mobility balance. The third is putting the exercises into practice.

Julia explained, ‘we can work together working out the exercises but you are the only one to put them into practice. You will have to work very hard for the rewards.’

Stage 2: – 21st Sept I practiced the movements many times on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. 23rd Sept this created a feeling; I want to go for a walk I had struggled having no confidence.

I left home saying I will only walk for 15 minutes then return. I expected about 100 yards each way. Instead of slowing down my pace increased, after only 5 minutes and kept on increasing by the fifteen minutes turnaround time I had walked a quarter of a mile.. The return distance took only 10 minutes for the quarter of a mile. 25 minutes is a slow pace for half a mile. I also returned breathing normally, full of energy not exhausted. Reduced a magnolia bush from 12 feet high to six feet high, filling a bin with the cuttings.

Friday got out of bed with no stiffness in any of my muscles. Continuing with the exercises and walking I have walked over 9 ½ miles plus driven 250miles over a weekend break. At 78 this is indeed a miracle a completely new life. No drugs required.

This treatment can easily be developed for Fibro myalgia and ME because they both depend on muscle use.  I hope a way can be found to put all the demonstrations on three CDs representing the three stages. For the benefit of millions of sufferers, or a documentary made. Contact me Ray Johnson.



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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 52

‘Sir there are two maps the same I know the area north and east of Oxford but I am not too sure of the road to Oxford ’

‘That’s fine study the route with my driver. Looks like you have drawn the short straw.’

Password said, ‘That is on the west coast road these parts are cliffs make sure no one can get to a boat. I think some supplies come in by boat after dark.

You stay with Rupert to man the communications I want you well out of sight.

‘Commander Grimly, take the coast road;

‘We are going to Oxford and silence HQ permanently’ the way that was said sent a shiver down my spine.

‘Phone don’t use radios Good hunting.’ The loaded trucks left in different directions to carry out their tasks we left for Oxford only this time Victor travelled in the front seat of the car and I had to sit with the sailor in the rear a waft of perfume caught my nose the aroma seemed familiar, then I took a closer look. Paula.

‘It took you long enough to recognise me, who do you think is driving the car?’

‘It has just hit me Sir Damien, am I right?’

‘Yes your friend Rupert’s family and our families are closely linked we are the faceless ones in the society who do what is necessary for the safety of the country.’

‘Changing the subject is that a snipers rifle in the case? And who uses it?’

‘Two answers yes and me, sometimes I have to kill injured animals when I am out riding in the forest where the horse breeding takes place we breed black horses for the Guards and keeping them in the woods keeps them out of sight. You and I will be working closely together when we arrive I will be looking through the telescopic sight and take notes and positions before we go in with the truck load of commandos.’…

Here is a sketch pad and pencils ready for you, also a pair of binoculars to sketch the front of the house sides and rear; I will be with you with my rifle sight then we return to the car and directions are then made with the Royal Marine Commandoes our work has to be done in daylight so operations can begin just after dusk.

Peter opened the sketch pad the pages were headed and a rough outline of the buildings also of out buildings within a hundred feet which could be used as approach points.

And a few lines for comments to be filled in with information from Paula. Distances with and without cover, ‘This planning is the work of your Father I commented.’

‘This is to take out traitors of our country supplying and guiding bombers to targets like your school our house Rupert’s home etc.  Think about that when you are making the sketches. I am glad you and your friends weren’t in when the bombing happened.

We walked around the buildings me sketching And Paula using the rangefinder for distances. Three people came out and then returned inside all having a good look around while we were hiding in the hedgerow. We moved fast as soon as the last one returned inside. We had to pass an open stretch of ground.

‘Put your arm around me as if you mean it,’ Paula said. To give the impression we are a courting couple. There are two people coming from the house with two dogs

Continued Friday

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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 51

and wait. Peter you stay at the gate you are having visitors you have twenty minutes to make your selection and be in position.’

Peter walked into the air raid shelter ‘I want four volunteers, now you have ten minutes to be ready; the first four to jump out of bed were selected make sure you are dressed your loaded pistols and twenty rounds each.’ Then there was a rush, no the rest of you stay in bed.

‘We are calling into the kitchen to collect food for each of us, and then moving to the gate to eat it. Hurry we have only ten-minutes to be there then I will give you your instructions all at once.

The cooks had no time to dress in their whites, all the sandwiches were ready and water bottles filled just in time to be collected.

The boys ate their sandwiches at the gate while they were waiting.

Peter gave each one his instructions; ‘Save your water you will need it for later. When the trucks arrive two out of sight on the far side with weapons ready and two on this side I will call you one at a time. Then climb into the passenger side door and guide the driver through to the parking area.’ Out of sight from the air, you all know the area for fifty miles diameter remember there are no signposts they have all been removed so it is you’re job to guide the driver of the truck to his destination as quick as you can you were near the top of the list on your navigational courses. Now is the time to put you on a real test also you must follow your commanders instructions.’

Four trucks arrived at two minute intervals giving Peter the password he indicated for the first to climb on board and move then the next three did the same.

A large military car stopped at the gate the driver who looked familiar ordered me into the back to join a man dressed as a naval officer no rank showing.  Second person dressed in a navy uniform spoke ‘This is Commander’. ‘Victor Voss’ Peter finished.

‘Peter there are no road signs how good are the guides?’

‘They are the best we have available’

Do they know what they are about to do?

‘No Sir’

We arrived around the rear of the building and parked in the shade next to Mr Grimly and the person known only by his pass-word and Rupert.

There were warm handshakes all around. Apart from the young sailor who went to the rear of the car and opened the pull down boot lid to form a very handy table to layout five road maps.

Password looked over the five maps pinpointing each place and the exact number of people in each place.

It’s time to bring in the raid commanders and the guides, also stand the men down for a comfort stop there were ten in each truck all blacked up and loaded for house clearance.

The guides saw the maps for the first time. Two picked up a map each they knew the areas very well the places where they lived’

‘That’s two taken care of,’

Continued Wednesday

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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

page 16

Over the evening meal they were trying to guess the new inmate’s name, they decided to eat as much as they could and smuggle some for him in case he missed dinner.

They rushed up the flights of stairs, to meet their new roommate. He had taken all the things off Peter’s bed and out of his locker and dumped them on the floor. ‘My father is Sir Damien Voss. This is my bed and you will be my lackeys you will do as I say is that clear.’ Threatening the rest of the boys with his clenched fist just so you understand I am the boss.

Maurice said ‘Have you had dinner?

‘What’s it got to do with you nosey?’

‘My name is Maurice what’s yours?

‘I ask the Question’s not you, your name is nosey ok’

Without another word Rupert placed the food on his own bed then said Peter, Harry, Josh, Maurice you do the same a good meal was now on the bed we brought this for you In case you have had nothing to eat.

‘Bring it over here NOW!’

‘There is just one problem it is not your bed it is Peter’s bed. So if you move to the spare bed and return Peters clothes and his personal belongings to his wardrobe without any damage we will get along just fine’. Josh was showing signs of fear.

‘I’m not taking any lip; you will do as I say!

‘Ok now tell us your name before I thrash you’ said Rupert

‘Be warned I don’t fight to any rules we will make it tomorrow down on the cricket pitch’

‘We’ll make a start on the food mates or we settle this now OFF Peter’s bed pronto’, said Rupert as he moved towards Peter’s bed all the time watching his opponent’s hand trying to put a knuckle duster on. As soon as his hand cleared his pocket his arm fell numb hanging at his side from being hit with a karate hand sword blow. The knuckle duster fell to the floor from his numb hand, Rupert asked now what is your name?

His head hanging in shame ‘My stupid father called me Sue because he wanted a girl so registered me as Sue.’ From now on your name is Mark, you eat your dinner while we sort this mess out. Peter handed him his knife and fork, here use mine.

Mark blurted out, I have never had mates before, because of my name I was always picked on so had to fight, that’s why I have taken to be a bully in self-defence it felt good to have power over others to stop them calling me names.

‘Peter uses the window bed because it’s better light for him to draw his homework. He is word blind’ said Harry ‘Do you know what that is?’

‘Yes my older cousin was, until I showed her how to print out words. Peter, I would like to help you. I had a lot of fights because of people calling her stupid, dummy, Idiot and many more. I’ll trounce anyone who does it to you, and that’s a promise’.

‘It’s time we all shake hands to friendship’ said Peter.

In walked Mr Young sniffing the air ‘there has been food in here, it is not allowed in here from now on is that clear?’ ‘Yes Sir.’ ‘Now open up your wardrobes and stand bedside your locker.’  Good everything is tidy I expect to see the room like this on

continued Friday

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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

                                                         Page 3

six short parts of the main tent poles in each tent pack, put them together one pointed one and then the two with ferrules to make two tent poles. Now unroll the tent canvas. Rupert turn your tent over, now the two rears are facing into the corner with the point of one tent pole place in-between the two sides whilst  the other one of you finds the ridge at the end there is a small hole with two ropes, put the point through the hole and stand the pole up.

The ropes are called guy ropes, Peter from your pack pick out two tent pegs and the mallet, now cross the guy ropes at the top place a tent peg in the ground and hammer it in with the mallet and then do the other side and put the ropes on the pegs, well done! . Keep the ridge tight and put the other pole in and do the same with the guy ropes while I light the fire to cook a meal’.

There was a race between the two sets of boys to be finished first. Harry shouted first. I then showed them how to take out the sides to form the tent shape and peg down the ropes, and peg the inside to the ground , that kept them busy for twenty minutes. I collected the metal oven shelves and the fire bricks and had the fire going nicely with the pan of water nearly boiling. I poured half the water from the pan.  Into a metal teapot the rest of the water I split into two pans.  In one of the food bags were five enamel plates and five enamel mugs knives forks and spoons. I emptied a flask of soup into each pan giving them a stir.

‘We just have time to collect the ground sheets and bedding before we eat’ there was a mass scramble down the path to the trailer grabbing everything left on the trailer then running up the path. ‘Now there are five dark green rubber sheets, each  of you take one ground sheet and lay it on the grass and one bed roll closed end at the bottom roll it out on top of the ground sheet, and pull the ground sheet with the opened roll inside your tent. Then put your own bags with your clothes soap and towel inside.’

‘Mr Ned I need to go to the toilet’ ‘there was a chorus of so do I’

Find a fallen tree trunk each, with this pick hack it is used to dig holes or channels there’s one each to bury what you do including the paper, off you go, toilet rolls he shouted’ to their disappearing backs.

‘Do you think we should put that in our notes for what we did at the weekend?’ ‘It’s all part of camping,’ said Maurice they all agreed it is true. ‘Now go and wash your hands in the stream ready for your first meal.’ said Ned. They ran down to the stream. When they returned they noticed Ned had his dark green tent up and his sleeping bag inside. It also formed a triangle with the fire in the middle.

A small folding table had been set up with five bowl’s full of steaming hot vegetable broth and five thick slices of brown bread. Kneeling down at the table, they followed Ned as he ripped the bread apart and dipped it in the broth, then used his spoon for a mouthful of the vegetable mixture, ‘Be careful the veg is very hot so take your time, there is no rush, we are not in a race.’

Having eaten all his broth and bread Peter said ‘I’m thirsty’ three other voices said the same. ‘Good we will collect some leaves from the edge of the forest over there, do you know what the white dead nettle looks like?’ Harry said ‘I do! They are like nettles with white flowers on’. Ned Said ‘Can you collect six stems with lots of leaves?

continued              Wednesday

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201 Blog Three Goals

First I would like thank all the dyslexic groups for their following and information I have received.

The first point is I have suffered this for 77 years and in that time all the nastiness that go with it.  Over a period of time studying my own case and others I intend to pass on all the information free! I have gathered over a lifetime.

It will start with infant education

following 10 years on wards

up to pre-exam

then exams.

thanks to blog 101 for the Idea to serialize one of my books for ten year old boys onward  I have not as yet published this book its based on a situation to open a boarding school created for  the landed gentry to ensure family continuous survival during wartime. Highly adventurous with no strong or difficult language. three  pages per week.

And publish comments good or bad