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A Miricle

Evening Chronicle News Desk.

A Miracle has happened to me thanks to the staff of the Belsay Unit.

Campus for ageing and Vitality.

My Miracle after only Three Days.

Short summary of my problems were Difficulty breathing, needing help to stand up from a chair or getting out of bed. Using furniture to move around Nine times falling backwards, breaking my wrist in one of the falls.

First thanks to Prof Dr Sayer for arranging all the required tests, including her thorough examinations.

Secondly Physiotherapist Julia Williamson for jointly designing the exercises returning me to full mobility in a very short time at the age of 78 it is indeed a miracle.

Stage 1: – 20th Aug There are three stages to recovery; first is static balance, followed by mobility balance. The third is putting the exercises into practice.

Julia explained, ‘we can work together working out the exercises but you are the only one to put them into practice. You will have to work very hard for the rewards.’

Stage 2: – 21st Sept I practiced the movements many times on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. 23rd Sept this created a feeling; I want to go for a walk I had struggled having no confidence.

I left home saying I will only walk for 15 minutes then return. I expected about 100 yards each way. Instead of slowing down my pace increased, after only 5 minutes and kept on increasing by the fifteen minutes turnaround time I had walked a quarter of a mile.. The return distance took only 10 minutes for the quarter of a mile. 25 minutes is a slow pace for half a mile. I also returned breathing normally, full of energy not exhausted. Reduced a magnolia bush from 12 feet high to six feet high, filling a bin with the cuttings.

Friday got out of bed with no stiffness in any of my muscles. Continuing with the exercises and walking I have walked over 9 ½ miles plus driven 250miles over a weekend break. At 78 this is indeed a miracle a completely new life. No drugs required.

This treatment can easily be developed for Fibro myalgia and ME because they both depend on muscle use.  I hope a way can be found to put all the demonstrations on three CDs representing the three stages. For the benefit of millions of sufferers, or a documentary made. Contact me Ray Johnson.



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Communication without Words

Communicating without Words

This is parents communicating with new-born babies. Have a little think about it. You read their facial expressions even though they don’t know any words. They indicate when they need feeding, changing or had enough to eat by spiting it out or fall asleep when finished drinking. They enjoy receiving attention when they are fully awake. And smile when they feel safe. Also turn away if they don’t like a person.

They take in everything they see, in a soft voice tell them the name of what they’re looking at. This is when they start remembering the sound of words and names.

I use to take my granddaughter out in a buggy when she was only one and talk to her all the time we were out. People often commented he is talking to baby.  A year later I had a wonderful reward from my 2 year old when she said ‘Stop this is the tree where you showed me the birdies home it is up there,’ and she was right. There was a lady passing at the time. She stopped’ ‘How does she know that.’ A little voice said Because Grandad talks to me all the time he showed me this tree and the birdies home I have a home like the birdies. And he listens to me when I tell him about my dolly and we play shops.

I returned as if I was walking on air she is 18 now and at university and today she mentioned a story I told her when she was 5 about the man in the white bow tie. And the time I helped her to ride her bike and how she nearly run over me. And the funny looks people gave us when I was in the buggy.

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Grandparent’s conversation

Grandparent’s conversation

2nd December talking about young granddaughters, (call them Maxi and Mini) Maxi aged nine the other one Mini six.

The older one had no problems with reading or writing from being very young spelling and maths not a problem colouring in always kept within the lined areas.

It was the second one was the one that interested me.

Mini had no interest in colouring in it was a big scribble all-over.

No interest in story- picture books asked to read she would tell her own story from the pictures.

Then said to grandma, ‘this is my story I will read it to you, I can read it easy, but my teacher cannot read it. So you will not be able to read it. This out of the mouth of a six year-old But I can play football better than older boys and I am good at other things we do.

The signs of Dyslexia are there the teacher should have picked this up within her writing. words were only half written example Bcoz for because and  many other  words now when she read it out loud she said because and pronounced the other words correctly It was her way of spelling the sounds.


This is what happened to me 72 years ago. And still happens now but using the spell checker in the drop down menu there is usually the correct spelling and I recognize the word and use it.

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A Teachers Question

Hi Janet I have been looking through you’re blogs and comments. I would like to make a point one teacher takes a class of thirty children for one hour per lesson this = 2 minutes per child what is expected of the teacher to be able to achieve in two minutes? I have read many books on the subject all referring to statics and technical data with no simplified instructions for the child or parents to be able to understand their own problems. Best wishes Ray.


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Play The Judges Dilemma

Name: Raymond Johnson
Comment: Agent wanted! I have wrote a play called The Judges Dilemma about a court room drama for six people (two dual roles)If any one wants a synopis please contact me by E-Mail or A comment from a person who read  the Play. I was alone in the house when the court usher said all rise for Judge Allice Jenkins I stood up What a griping play you’re not watching it you’re in it. I never expected the ending.

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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 51

and wait. Peter you stay at the gate you are having visitors you have twenty minutes to make your selection and be in position.’

Peter walked into the air raid shelter ‘I want four volunteers, now you have ten minutes to be ready; the first four to jump out of bed were selected make sure you are dressed your loaded pistols and twenty rounds each.’ Then there was a rush, no the rest of you stay in bed.

‘We are calling into the kitchen to collect food for each of us, and then moving to the gate to eat it. Hurry we have only ten-minutes to be there then I will give you your instructions all at once.

The cooks had no time to dress in their whites, all the sandwiches were ready and water bottles filled just in time to be collected.

The boys ate their sandwiches at the gate while they were waiting.

Peter gave each one his instructions; ‘Save your water you will need it for later. When the trucks arrive two out of sight on the far side with weapons ready and two on this side I will call you one at a time. Then climb into the passenger side door and guide the driver through to the parking area.’ Out of sight from the air, you all know the area for fifty miles diameter remember there are no signposts they have all been removed so it is you’re job to guide the driver of the truck to his destination as quick as you can you were near the top of the list on your navigational courses. Now is the time to put you on a real test also you must follow your commanders instructions.’

Four trucks arrived at two minute intervals giving Peter the password he indicated for the first to climb on board and move then the next three did the same.

A large military car stopped at the gate the driver who looked familiar ordered me into the back to join a man dressed as a naval officer no rank showing.  Second person dressed in a navy uniform spoke ‘This is Commander’. ‘Victor Voss’ Peter finished.

‘Peter there are no road signs how good are the guides?’

‘They are the best we have available’

Do they know what they are about to do?

‘No Sir’

We arrived around the rear of the building and parked in the shade next to Mr Grimly and the person known only by his pass-word and Rupert.

There were warm handshakes all around. Apart from the young sailor who went to the rear of the car and opened the pull down boot lid to form a very handy table to layout five road maps.

Password looked over the five maps pinpointing each place and the exact number of people in each place.

It’s time to bring in the raid commanders and the guides, also stand the men down for a comfort stop there were ten in each truck all blacked up and loaded for house clearance.

The guides saw the maps for the first time. Two picked up a map each they knew the areas very well the places where they lived’

‘That’s two taken care of,’

Continued Wednesday

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Viscount Rupert Blocky serial

Pages 27 and 28

flared skirt and placing her arms on the arms of the chair before commencing to draw her portrait.

‘Now I want you to say, when I look at you I have to smile,’

Paula said ‘When I look at you I have to smile.’

‘Hold that expression’

Nine minutes later ‘You can relax your face while I put the clouds in the background. It will take little more time to finish the shading of the skirt then you can move from the chair and have a look.

While Paula stood up Peter flipped over a page disclosing a picture of a toad, warts and all, sitting on a tuft of grass. They all rushed forward to see a beautiful portrait of her and instead saw the toad; her father flew into a rage. While Mark started howling with laughter, ‘I did warn you he was a very good joker. Before she bursts into tears you had better show her the real one’

Still holding a deadpan face he flipped over the page. Gasps came from everywhere. It is fantastic will you draw me and me echoed all around the room.

Paula forgave him for making her the butt of a joke; put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth. It was Peters turn to go bright red. Then he whispered I love your drawing of the silver grey horse what’s his name?

I’ll show you him tomorrow.

The dinner gong sounded which ended their conversation. Soon everyone was seated and conversations started around the table.

Peter had been seated between Paula and her mother who bombarded Peter with questions about art and style and ‘which style did he favour?’

‘Well I admire Paula’s talent I would love to see more of her art work; the picture of the horse tells a fabulous tale including fear in his eyes and such latent power within his frame.’

‘Sir Damien can’t get near him he is thinking of having him destroyed as a Killer.

‘How many people has he Killed?’

‘Nobody yet’

‘Then he is not a killer. All he needs is the correct approach and he would be a joy to ride. A free spirited person could handle him no need for a crop or a bit in his mouth a hackamore would be best.’

How can you know this without seeing him?

‘The story is in the bond, between the artist and her subject within the painting your Ladyship,’

Mark loaned Peter a full riding habit including a blue jacket for the ride. Peter was at the stables for six thirty to meet his ride for the morning. The stable boy was busy watering the horses at the trough when Peter arrived ‘Can I help you?

‘The next horse out is the silver white and he is dangerous the master hits him something fearful with that quirt of his, I can lead him but Miss Paula can do anything with him.’

‘I’ll bring him out while you finish watering the others.’

‘Now you be very careful Sir,’ said the Boy.

Peter walked into the stable glanced at the big horse then walked over to collect the hackamore. The big white eying him all the time as Peter slowly approached. He started to sing softly the white dropped his head while Peter rubbed his nose and blew gently up each nostril before attempting to place on the Hackamore. In a low voice He whispered ‘I will give you a good grooming after we have a drink.’ Holding the rope Peter leaned over and had a drink from the water trough then the big white did the same.

The white stood perfectly still while Peter worked all over with curie combs the white coat gleaming then with trimming scissors he trimmed  the mane and tail, just as he finished, the whites ears pricked up he could hear the clop, clop of a horse. ‘It’s Paula’ said Peter the white immediately settled down.

Paula jumped off her horse and ran over ‘He is not tethered you should have tied him up,’

‘He does not need to be tied he knows you as a friend.’ Peter smiled at her ‘Good morning, I was about to give him his head as soon as I fit the blanket and saddle on.’

Sir Damian watched as first the blanket and then the saddle had been placed on his back, puzzled by what happened next; not fastening the synch he started talking to the horse and walking the horse in small circles to the right then turning to the left all the time talking to him, stopping at the mounting steps. He fastened the saddle and gave the saddle a good shake around when satisfied the saddle was tight he put his right foot in the stirrup jumped up and swung his left foot over the saddle and stepped onto the mounting block removing his right leg out of the stirrup, then stepping off the mounting block and walking in front of the horse, the horse kept nudging him in the back. In a split second Peter side-stepped leaping into the saddle as the horse went past everything was so unexpected it took Paula completely by surprise.

‘Are you ready Paula?’

Paula climbed into her own saddle, waved to move forward as she led the way out of the stable yard; and then jumping her horse over the gate without bothering to open it for Peter.

He could feel his mount gather it’s self as they approached the gate and with an effortless leap he cleared the gate. Go free spirit! Very soon Paula was falling behind as she tried to keep up with them. A fence was fast approaching a slight hesitation before a leap, sailing over fence and ditch without breaking stride. Peter had been taught by an expert, Lady Blocky to ride steeple chasers this one is the Rolls Royce of all horses.

By instinct he headed for the various jumps set in the field. There were preparing for a gymkhana the following week. The erectors saw the horse fast approaching and dived for cover in their haste, they had not realized that there was a rider on board. A white streak sailed over the first three jumps in rapid succession a blur of dark blue on his back.

Peter slowed him down to a canter until Paula caught up with them. ’Do you want to swap horses for the return ride?’

Continued Saturday.