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Progression from Quill Pen to Computer.

By Ray Johnson

In the days of the quill pen children all had to use the same writing tool. Some had to struggle with spelling. Because they were word blind, then the great and the good said use a dictionary. If you can’t spell in the first place you can’t use a dictionary.

Moving to modern writing aids called a computer. With its built-in spellchecker which gives a list of possible words to choose from. It is like mana from heaven to the dyslexic helping to level the playing field with spelling, but does not solve all the problems that dyslexic persons have.

All the children should be allowed to use the tools on the computer after all they are taught to use a computer in schools for when they leave school to enter the workplace.

By not allowing using the spellchecker you are penalizing and depriving the dyslexic person of a great aide.

Allowing everyone the same chance does not mean it is compulsory to use it, it means it is available if required.

From Ray

Ps spread this to all newspapers Worldwide to do a lot of butt kicking.


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