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there are questions within each scenario


Starting with children 3+ nursery age check if your child does the following

Starts trying to colour to a line then scribbles all over the rest and other pages.

Some time ago I wrote in my blog babies communicating without words this came from a question how do I cope I have no younger brothers or sisters so have had no experience with a baby. Different signs or movements indicated like or dislike one of the movement’s very clearly indicted dislike as if scribbling.

Drawing shapes to colour two very thin lines then scribbling all over.  Parental view! Loosing of temper through total frustration, now approach from a different view let her watch you draw some larger letters cut them out telling her it is her name to stick on her bedroom door. Ask her to pick the colours for each letter and colour them in her best colouring and then blue-tac onto the door in order. The benefits; colouring there will be a big improvement in her standard as you apply each letter she will see her name building up with letter shapes and it has been a lot of fun without tears then do letter cut outs for things in her room forming the word door draws each time show her how to make the letter shapes for them to colour in then do them closer to gather to form word shapes it helps her to understand that letter shapes make word shapes.  Parental view! You be the judge. Please leave a comment

You will have a bond with your child talk to them at every opportunity everything you see where ever you are before they can talk then they will trust your information and try to copy you some time at night you will hear them practicing the sounds before they go to sleep very quickly learning to talk then start reading bedtime stories using finger pointing to the words then building to your child doing the pointing. Please leave a comment

Going to nursery school happy to go until one day starts crying. Parent reaction you have to go without finding out the reason I asked her what was the problem her answer, ‘Nobody listens to me, My Mam the Teacher the Dinner lady.’ ‘Fine we have been great friends all along I will listen’ ‘Ok but don’t tell mam.’ What was bothering her was a boy taking her coat off her peg and throwing her coat and her shoes away. Tell him to stop or you will tell grandad and he was in the army and he will box your ears. Next day going to school skipping and dancing the boy took her coat off her peg then she said, ‘If you throw it away again my Granddad will put your ears in a box.’

After that, everything was fine it payed to listen. Please leave your comments.

If there is a problem not getting dressed and there is always a last minute rush, ask them what is wrong and listen to their answers or reasons don’t just rush in too cause confrontation. any points they bring up take up the point and ask them how they would deal with it. Eventually you will get to the bottom of the problems and then you can start to help them.   Please leave your comments.


Just ask what is a syllable? Listen to their answer then ask them to show you how to turn this word Suppercalifragalasticexpallydoshous into syllables. If they have problems take any page of writing and turn it into syllables a very simple piece of work or is it. This is the building blocks of words with no basic there follows great difficulty. Now take a subject they like example space travel and the planets you will be amazed the difference in ability.

Test this for yourself.   Please leave your comments.


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