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Backs to the wall 1939

This book is written in a special style to be read by anyone over 12 years.  To be released 1st February 2016 on kindle  book store . £2.10 inc vat. The day I have a spine operation.

Backs to the wall, is about Viscount Rupert Blocky, Peter, Maurice and Harry three of his close friends. Who were evacuated to a private boarding school, for the duration of the Second World War, in the First World War it was used as training ground for the Royal Marines.

Aged nine everyone in the new intake was children of very high risk families. As they were the next generation to take over the family estates there are many families still living, experienced the threat and then the full horror of being invaded. Experiencing bombs falling like rain and the thunderous roar when they exploded. Towns set on fire buildings crashing down.

Set against this background, this was no ordinary boarding school; all the other pupils were from the same type of background. Half the week was taken up with business organising and German language, in case we were over run. The second half was fitness unarmed fighting and weapon training as we advanced in age the training became very tough. Finally going out with Commandos and completing successful missions against saboteurs, traitors and sympathisers to the German cause, their aim was to take over Great Britain.

From the age of fifteen with the war nearly ended they returned home to college until they joined university. Rupert’s previous training as a leader and decision maker he could out think many villains as he took on more responsibly for the estate while learning to become a pilot.

You will live in their story, with many hair rising adventures in-between.

The British people are made of sterner steel. The local communities had home guard and young cadets trained for joining the army, Royal Nave and Royal Air Force when they were old enough to join. Women joined the land army and went into farms and factories. To build aeroplanes, others went into factories to make shells and bullets for our fighting troops. Food was on ration and in very short supply. Teachers were in very short supply forty five pupils to a class. All pupils having to leave lessons to go into the air raid shelters.

It is a tribute to all those who kept the home fires burning and all the members of the armed forces who returned to rebuild Great Britain and the never to be forgotten who gave their lives protecting ours.




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