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Grandparent’s conversation

Grandparent’s conversation

2nd December talking about young granddaughters, (call them Maxi and Mini) Maxi aged nine the other one Mini six.

The older one had no problems with reading or writing from being very young spelling and maths not a problem colouring in always kept within the lined areas.

It was the second one was the one that interested me.

Mini had no interest in colouring in it was a big scribble all-over.

No interest in story- picture books asked to read she would tell her own story from the pictures.

Then said to grandma, ‘this is my story I will read it to you, I can read it easy, but my teacher cannot read it. So you will not be able to read it. This out of the mouth of a six year-old But I can play football better than older boys and I am good at other things we do.

The signs of Dyslexia are there the teacher should have picked this up within her writing. words were only half written example Bcoz for because and  many other  words now when she read it out loud she said because and pronounced the other words correctly It was her way of spelling the sounds.


This is what happened to me 72 years ago. And still happens now but using the spell checker in the drop down menu there is usually the correct spelling and I recognize the word and use it.


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