During my Blogs

During my Blogs

I have been very busy burning the midnight oil subject Dyslexia and the Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial. What followed was the large response. And then adding another 22000 words. turning it into an easy read book. For slow readers and dyslexics over the age of twelve (no strong language)’ the important point is it respects peoples intelligence.

Kindle books have given me the opportunity to promote my book for a month just click this number https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/3U23A6OHXGFEC

This gives everybody the chance to test read the text and give me feed back

Did you find it hard or easy to read?

Text your answer to Raybwrite@sky.com

This is important as I intend to donate some royalties to setting up a dyslexic writing group to show you how to edit you’re writing to make it readable using your own typed page. Then returning it as an email

This is a new way of tackling Dyslexia when you read the Book introduction pages Best wishes Ray.



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