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Conversations with a Six Year Old

Conversations with a six Year Old

‘Granddad I’m writing sentences that start with a capital letter and end with a full stop how boring is that?

‘Oh that’s interesting.’ What do you think you should be doing?

I liked learning about space travel and the planets. I could write loads of sentences about that I know the names of the main planets.  Or about dinosaurs when you were young, there are crocodiles and geckos some lizards all from that age.

Come into the room with me press that button. It’s for Nans magic door.

We walked to the door to see the garage door opening. ‘I said that’s magic.

‘No Granddad it is a radio controlled garage door. I will show you the control power pack that operates the door. My radio controlled car works the same except it uses batteries.

The sentences I have to write have nothing to do with real things.

My dad and Mum say I have to do it for my homework.

‘I know you like reading books does your books start with a capital letter and the sentences end with a full stop?’ ‘I suppose so’    Good  the full stop is a breath mark there are different marks but just do what the teacher tells you to do now you know the secret about the full stop. I will always remember the space between words you showed me.

Nobody said that Granddad I wish people would tell me why they are important Sentences are more interesting now.


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