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Failure through Stress

Failure through Stress

The new tables show GCSE successes 65%

Congratulations to the successful contenders.

Leaving 35% with a poor standard of academic success

Now let’s take a look at the not so successful contenders the feeling of complete devastation. There has to be an explanation, it is too easy to say they didn’t try. As a dyslexic I have been down that route. This is so demoralising BUT if they had been tested on the subjects they are interested in. Their knowledge would surprise many people.

It was very interesting at a writing club where I come under fire every week for reverting to dyslexia writing. Then I wrote a technical paper involving a design for a compressor installation. For pressures between 190 psi and 210 psi, to include safety cages for the safe inflation of tyres.  It also has to include water traps and drain a ways.

I designed and installed it in a day including welding where necessary this was a minor part of my skills.

Manual skills and hand dexterity are just as important as paper qualifications.

Now think I can do things that others can’t.

The comment at the writing club, ‘I have no doubt the technical side is completely correct I could not dispute it as this is not my field of expertise.

Education is only testing the academic part and ignoring personal skills.

The ones who suffer from stress panic can answer a greater number of questions if asked verbally but suffer freeze up when faced with writing the answers down.

My experience 14% written 100% verbal for the same questions.


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