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Raymond Johnson.

Research into the effect of re-hydration

This is following on from Grandad Ray’s warning.

The effect of re-hydration is phenomenal but the down-side from drinking 1.5 litres of water per day I put on 4 kilos of weight in ten days.

Testing my blood pressure daily I reduced the water intake by 300 mls per day my weight dropped quite quickly my blood pressure remained excellent.

I kept on reducing the water intake until I was down to 300ml then the blood pressure started to fall so increased to 600ml per day my blood pressure  returned to 120 over 69 and has remained so for a week.

My interest in writing is returning and the ability to think clearly the tiredness is improving and vision has returned to clear.

I was talking to a young girl sitting A level Exams by chance commented that she always took a 500ml bottle of water into each exam as it kept her brain clear to think.

On questioning her about the water she discovered drinking water helped with her homework then tested it on mock exams the results were better than she expected so used the water in her real exams and she has A stars for the three main ones, to enter college.

This confirmed my research into the advantage of water.


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