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Dehydration Warning

This is an important Warning.

By Granddad Ray

Dehydration and its effect can be very serious on your blood pressure from lying down systolic 114 dropping down to 84 standing up. Sitting down when your dehydrated trying to concentrate using a computer or reading, writing and maths etc is all effected.

I was rushed into hospital on a Friday night with this problem, standing. The room was spinning. I had difficulty concentrating on questions that were being asked, also dancing letters on the pages.

As I am slightly anaemic this was thought to be the cause. Blood tests were carried out at intervals during the night blood proved to be constant. The Dr said you don’t need a transfusion. We are transferring you to Ward 41 I knew this to be the stroke ward.

Testing started at six am systolic 114 over sixty eight one hour later same again. Another blood test fine.

Eight AM another blood pressure test. First lying down 114 over 68.

Then standing up dropped to 84 I did not even look at the other pressure. I had to drink 750 ml of water then a repeated pressure test this time systolic 116 lying down   90 standing up

Nine AM Another 750ml of water, nine fifteen another blood pressure test 116 sitting 112 standing, the room remained stable, forms became readable.

I have tried an experiment writing before drinking the water. I had reverted to dyslexic writing missing out link words and a couple of spaces and punctuation.

I then drank 1.5lt of water then restarted writing, back to normal.

This experience made me think about the conductivity of water within our body.

Another thing was the clarity of vision. I had not noticed was a little feathery before.

If you wish to try this go ahead. I am overjoyed at the effect.

Your comments would be appreciated.

Granddad Ray


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