Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 58

going to study forest management. Josh is going to a physical training establishment and I am going to university to study Law.’

Mr Grimly came up to the group carrying the typewriter which had survived the blast. ‘This belongs to you Peter.’

Cumming up the drive was the Austin ten with May behind the wheel pulling up in front of the group.

‘Where are Maurice and Harry? Come here Peter she gave him a big hug, ‘Good luck it is great news you will do well. Now don’t let Paula terrify the life out of you. It’s your turn for a cuddle Paula my little princess, I should really say my grown up princess’

‘Hi Aunty May it is great to see you. You have not been to see us for a long time I miss the long rides through the woods with you.’

‘You can take Peter with you; he is very good with horses. Well boys put your kit in the car with Rupert’s I am expected at the hall as soon as possible.’ shaking hands with the men and Peter; May left after having a word with Commander Grimly about the rebuilding of the damaged school.

Victor, Sir Damien Mr Young and Commander Grimly retired to the Head Master’s Office for Lunch served by the pupils. Girls were not allowed in the school so we are taking you in for lunch and I pity the person who tries to stop us. Marching into the dining hall one on each side the new head boy came forth to do his duty. There was a sudden silence.

‘It’s my duty to inform you that no young ladies are allowed in this dining room’

Paula Grabbed his shirt front and kissed him then said in a loud voice ‘I challenge you to throw me out! Or any one of you! There was a loud chorus you can sit with me miss. The Head boy said we would deem it a privilege if you will dine with us Miss Voss.

The three of them sat at the top table to be waited on by the head boy then Typical of Paula she asked him to join them for lunch and instructed one of the boys to take over as waiter.

‘Clive how is your sister Christine? She was bridesmaid at Minot’s Wedding in Chester the last time we met.

Yes, ‘You must be Paula you two had a horse race at the reception, and Mater was not amused, the guests thought it was a put up job as a joke then you started rodeo riding standing on the saddle. Minot’s face changed at least sixty times from smiling to fury and back again.’

‘Do you know Cousin Mark and Peter?’

Yes and Rupert they are the school heroes which will be hard to live up to but I will try my best.

‘You’re lucky staying here I will have to tame these two with friendly persuasion’

Too quickly the meal was over and time to up root. Hot foot it to the car, Mr Young handed Mark a highly polished knuckle duster this should add to your memories it was dislodged by the bomb blast.

With the last shaking of hands they departed in Sir Damien’s car.

Continued in The secret life of Lord Rupert Blocky on kindle in the search Type in Lord Rupert Blocky


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