Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 57

‘I haven’t finished with him yet.’

‘You are! His jaw is shattered and we need at least one to talk.’

Paula grabbed the diver by the collar and heaved him onto his feet his nose was bleeding rushing him through the door into the room tell this gentleman what you told us. Who is your boss?’

‘Lord Brockenmyre.’

‘What were you supposed to do?’

‘Let all the dogs out’

‘Here is the proof; the other one will need hospital treatment urgently he tried to kill Peter.’

‘Leave this garbage to us, you and Peter find an empty room to disappear out of sight I will shout when I want you, and take that rifle out of sight with the case.

‘I want boiling water to clean my rifle before I do anything else. Then place it in its case also we could use a mug of tea.’

Victor detailed a soldier to do the necessary. They climbed the stairs moving into the second bedroom with a dressing table and a low table Paula had the rifle completely striped down when the soldier came in with a dish and cloths and two mugs of tea with two tea spoonful’s of sugar in each mug and a kettle of boiling water. His eyes nearly popped out of his head at seeing such a rifle you must be a fabulous shot sir.

‘He is brilliant’ said Paula, Hoping Peter would say nothing. ‘Then turning to the soldier you have not seen it Ok. Thanks for the tea we are ready for the drink.’

Paula went to work on the rifle cleaning every part before oiling it and placing the parts in there sections in the box. The rifle case was hidden out of sight. Before sitting on the two mattresses to drink their tea they fell asleep halfway through drinking the tea.

‘What happened to us the last thing I remember I was drinking tea’ Peter said.

‘It’s time to go back to your school we can talk on the way’

‘Thanks father I’ll bring the rifle box.

They drove past the hall there was a very large hole in the front lawn with people completely covered in white from head to toe clearing the hall and throwing things into the hole and covering the things with quick lime. That was the last time it was ever mentioned.

‘You will soon be leaving the school I would like to give you the opportunity to train as a cartographer. I have spoken to your Father explaining the reasons, he agrees if that is what you want. You have his full agreement.’

‘Thanks Victor it would be the chance of a lifetime’

From now on you are attached to the admiralty working with me until the end of the war. And be based in our house is that acceptable?’

I expect you to help with the horses.’

‘Yes boss’

The first person he met on arrival at school was Rupert.

‘Thank goodness you’re in one piece, Mark’s fine he returned late yesterday he collected your things and his, he is going to Dartford College. Maurice and Harry are

Continued Wednesday


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