Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 56

Trying to be brave he kept his mouth shut the other one stared in ore until the first was thrown on top of him. ‘Now the two of you speak or I will get annoyed and rough you up until you wish you had not been born and you have my permission to try and hurt me they tried to get up when their heads were banged together hard.

‘Paula I yelled we need to talk to them.’

‘Peter you’re a spoilsport I hope you have not damaged my rifle or I will skin you’

One of the commandos said ‘I will take bets on that’

Paula’s rage had subsided a lot when, one of the young men spoke ‘It’s you I have seen you take on eight stable hands and beat the hell out of the lot of us’

Who put you up to this? Was it your boss Lord Brockenmyre?’

‘Yes this is one of his houses.’

‘What were you to do?’

‘Put an explosive bomb against the big door and let all the dogs out’

‘Do you know anything about the dogs?’

‘No we just had to let them out, will you help us please.’

‘Get in the back of the truck.’

Turning to the sergeant I am taking those stable hands with us I must go it is very urgent and well done your troop Thanks for your help now reinforce the ring fence and shoot any animal that moves. Tell the quarantine team I said so on behalf of Brigadier Voss.

We rapidly crossed the lawn out through the gate in minutes we drove into the temporary Head Quarters Paula jumped out and ran into head Office to report to her father she had found  who the leader it is’

Lord Brockenmyre her Father finished.

‘I have the proof in the back of the truck they talked when the car blew up. There was a group of Commandos listening in as whiteness.’

‘Bring them in, is Peter with you,’


‘You’re Uncle Damien and a crew are on their way to collect his Lordship and anyone with him…

Peter went around the rear of the truck to get the two boys out. The older one tried to dive on top of Peter. Suddenly he was flying through the air with no one to land on except the hard road it did stop his fall. Casually turning to the other one, ‘Would you like to try the same?’

The other one climbed down with his hands in full sight. Keep your hands there finding a knife in his sock he felt the change of position his fist travelled from his knee to contact his opponents jaw with the sound of crunching teeth the razor sharp collar knife falling from his limp hand it would have slashed Peters face to ribbons.

‘Beware! The quiet ones are the worst’

‘What?’ Paula asked.

‘It was a quote that was drummed into us every night by Mr Grimly if you sense any movement make sure you hit first and ask questions later. I have never seen a collar knife before. The one in his sock was too obvious, but I still went for it so I was bending down for a perfect target, this will be reported to Mr Grimly so we all learn.

Continued Monday


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