Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 55

you he is suffering from rabies. All the men must have a tetanus jab as soon as possible, and tell the men outside not to enter in here or go near those dogs. This whole place must be put under quarantine. Block all entrances no-one in or out the men outside can do it for now. And tell them to shoot any rats or rabbits in the area.’

The message was passed to Victor Voss via a short wave radio.

A quick call to Rupert to alert the other three units not to enter any of the buildings in case they are the same over’

‘Just received news the south and north stations have been taken and disabled. I will pass on your message to west over’

Contact medical Head-quarters on this number and give this address they will arrange the rest out.’

‘Now you know why Paula is with us I could not risk you hesitating shooting those wild dogs. She has the experience of hunting vermin and dangerous animals, and she is a crack shot’

‘Thanks Paula there is more to you than meets the eye’

‘Will you show me where our men are? We will take the Marine’s transport so they will not shoot us.

Victor nodded, her rifle loaded at the ready she drove through the gap where the gates had been straight over the lawn to the corner where I had left the commandos.

Explained what had been found inside no one to enter there is an isolation unit on the way, block all entrances and let no one in or out including the press and don’t mention any hint of rabies. If they insist on entering shoot them in the leg. Half a field away Paula and I saw three rabbits the business end of her rifle past me and three shots rang loud in my ears I looked in time to see the third fall.

Without hesitation she turned if you see rabbit’s cats or dogs or rats shoot and hope that it is contained when the quarantine team arrive show them where those rabbits are but don’t go near them. The house is in our control so spread out around the perimeter soon the whole place will be ringed send a runner to the other units tell them to lock it up tight.

‘There is a car just ran through the barrier.’ shouted a commando I grabbed her rifle as she grabbed the gear leaver we charged to block the gateway to late he sped through a quick turn and we were after him the noise alerted the guards. ‘Shoot him’ screamed Paula. I used her rifle and fired, hit by a very lucky shot suddenly the car swerved hit a stone and turned over on to its side it was surrounded by commandos in a second dragging the two occupants out. They kept looking at the overturned car. ‘To the motherland they shouted and gave a Nazi salute.

‘Drag them away and get clear’ a small fire had just started inside the car, driving the truck between the commandos and the car. The rear of the truck took the blast. Paula was furious her knuckles were white as she left the truck a quick glance there was very little damage and the explosion had blown out the fire. She stormed after the men dragging the two survivors. On your feet she barked when the first one said ‘Make me you’re only a girl’ one-handed she grabbed the front of his shirt and hauled him up and slammed him down hard then up again.

‘If you want more don’t speak’

Continued Friday


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