Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 54

third one came up much higher. No doubt they would be receiving or transmitting information.

Then I heard a whispered voice, I have this side covered report five unit in place. Half limping half running after Paula then falling again getting up, the aerial was still following me the one following Paula had disappeared I knew she had made it to safety. The darkness was falling fast. Slowing down to a limping walk then I heard the dogs being let out I had still fifty yards to go to safety they wanted the work of the dogs on camera then I fell over a low Ha Ha wall taking me out of sight of the house temporally so I ran about twenty five yards out of sight to the left I could hear the dogs getting very close to where I fell over. Holding my gun in my hand ready, the nearest one tumbled lifeless over the wall. I had not heard any shot. I glanced over the wall the other dog had been taken out. The place was swarming with commandos around the house then they were inside in seconds.

Complete control in just ninety seconds there had been some resistance but no match for the commandos. Some stayed outside to make sure none escaped. Paula came up to me still carrying her rifle ‘Are you hurt?’

‘Only my pride letting a girl beat me in a race, apart from spraining my ankle’ Peter said.

‘Oh! I didn’t know that was genuine, I thought it was an act to let me get away ’

‘Well it was until I fell over the.’

HA HA Paula finished.

‘You have a wicked sense of humour!’ we reached the outer wall just as a medical team arrived. Quickly they bandaged my ankle. I tried to put my weight on it I could manage better so they kicked me out now hobble to where you are going. They drove through the gateway, without opening the gate direct to the front of the house there may be casualties to deal with inside. The outside commander shouted one word ‘Halt!

We haven’t received clearance to go in yet’

A shout came from inside ‘Medics now! The Doctor was in ahead of the stretcher crews. One prisoner was holding a grenade the safety pin still in position the other one shot in both arms; ‘One crew bandaged the one with both arms shot  the other  one will not give you any trouble was in a complete world of his own. Where are the next ones?’

‘One down stairs got hit with a rapid opening steel door propelled by a size ten boot Sir’ said a corporal.

‘Any of our men injured?’

‘One with a bullet burn across his thigh and another one with a bullet burn running across his chest two of our men are with them. They can deal with them if they have followed my training.’

‘Is anyone else alive?

‘Our men are still searching Sir’

Time passed, then a sergeant appeared with a person gripped by the ear, beware this one tries to bite; more animal than human. Check the place. If you find people in cages leave them and report to me. Tie that one into a chair without letting him bite.

Continued Wednesday


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