Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 53

and they are heading towards us. Kiss me she hissed and while we were Kissing she removed my hand gun from my back holster she whispered is it fully loaded?’

‘Yes, I whispered.   Your Kisses are fabulous I shouted out loud’

‘Don’t tell everybody they will all want them and they are only for you.’

‘You two stop or Ill set the dogs on you, what are you doing here? You’re on private property.’

Blushing and looking sheepish sorry we are in love and just started wandering not noticing where we were going, can you show us the way out please.’ Said Peter shielding Paula behind his back ‘Can I ask what kind of dogs they are? I have never seen dogs like them.

‘Very savage they will tear you apart if I let them go.’ This gave me the time to mentally sketch them. ‘There’s the exit in the corner now go I will watch you and if you dawdle I will release the dogs on you.’

Backing off as if they were watching the dogs until far enough away to turn and hurry to the corner exit.

‘That was close’ said Paula, ‘Did you really mean what you said we are in love and my kisses are fabulous?’

‘Don’t look back there are three rifles trained on us from upstairs windows the sun flashed on their sights so I will keep my arm around you until we are out of the gate, I don’t want you injured,’

‘Did you mean what you said?’

‘Well I had to say something to sound convincing even if it’s true, now did you notice the three radio aerials’ that are parallel to the roof it is difficult to see them because they are painted to match their position on the tiles.

Continued Friday

‘Here we are at the gate now turn and kiss me so I can replace your gun in its holder. Then we can walk on.’

‘Quick another kiss and turn slightly. I want to look in your eyes two of the three aerials are being erected and turning towards us checking if we are using a radio.’

‘Time to move on, let’s go quickly past the rear on the outside of the wall they will be watching us. I will go on the inside next to the wall and you on my left pretend you are looking at me.’

‘Good thinking Paula. Three story building but only the top two stories have windows; all the bottom windows have been bricked in with ventilators at the top of each one. No doors to the rear visible.  Stop for a kiss the aerials are above roof height and following us now they have stopped. Now run and I will chase you, make it look like a race, I want to fall, you keep running I want to see if the aerials split one on each of us. Run straight past the west side and keep going give all the information to you father. Don’t be surprised if you are stopped by a marine commando they are watching us. RUN.

Paula ran much faster than I expected. I started to run after her, keeping my pace slower so she gained distance turning along the west wall gaining about fifty yards on me, then I fell and watched her keep running, the two aerials’ split they were not just aerials’ they had cameras attached to them to scan the grounds of the house the


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