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Granddad Ray’s Magic Computer

Granddad Rays Magic Computer

Learn to Read and Write using a computer.

By Raymond Johnson

Starting section 4

Reduce the point size28 to 14 point

28 point this is how it looked

14 This is what it looks like

The top print is 12 point Arial

Granddad Rays secret codes

Code 1 is for words that have only one sound.

Cat dog hat that mat rat when you say them these words are used to join other word shapes.

Code 2 these words sound like two words joined together when you speak.

The win dow is open

Code three

The door is  o pen ing  as you say the under lined word shapes faster they sound like one sound or word shape

The word croc o dile  My  croc o dile eats mac a roni

Now can you think of a stor ey  a bout your dog or cat and write it down


It is great when you can turn sounds into word shapes if you find a long word break it down into word sounds then you can spell it also you can then read it. Well done

best wishes Granddad Ray.


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