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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 52

‘Sir there are two maps the same I know the area north and east of Oxford but I am not too sure of the road to Oxford ’

‘That’s fine study the route with my driver. Looks like you have drawn the short straw.’

Password said, ‘That is on the west coast road these parts are cliffs make sure no one can get to a boat. I think some supplies come in by boat after dark.

You stay with Rupert to man the communications I want you well out of sight.

‘Commander Grimly, take the coast road;

‘We are going to Oxford and silence HQ permanently’ the way that was said sent a shiver down my spine.

‘Phone don’t use radios Good hunting.’ The loaded trucks left in different directions to carry out their tasks we left for Oxford only this time Victor travelled in the front seat of the car and I had to sit with the sailor in the rear a waft of perfume caught my nose the aroma seemed familiar, then I took a closer look. Paula.

‘It took you long enough to recognise me, who do you think is driving the car?’

‘It has just hit me Sir Damien, am I right?’

‘Yes your friend Rupert’s family and our families are closely linked we are the faceless ones in the society who do what is necessary for the safety of the country.’

‘Changing the subject is that a snipers rifle in the case? And who uses it?’

‘Two answers yes and me, sometimes I have to kill injured animals when I am out riding in the forest where the horse breeding takes place we breed black horses for the Guards and keeping them in the woods keeps them out of sight. You and I will be working closely together when we arrive I will be looking through the telescopic sight and take notes and positions before we go in with the truck load of commandos.’…

Here is a sketch pad and pencils ready for you, also a pair of binoculars to sketch the front of the house sides and rear; I will be with you with my rifle sight then we return to the car and directions are then made with the Royal Marine Commandoes our work has to be done in daylight so operations can begin just after dusk.

Peter opened the sketch pad the pages were headed and a rough outline of the buildings also of out buildings within a hundred feet which could be used as approach points.

And a few lines for comments to be filled in with information from Paula. Distances with and without cover, ‘This planning is the work of your Father I commented.’

‘This is to take out traitors of our country supplying and guiding bombers to targets like your school our house Rupert’s home etc.  Think about that when you are making the sketches. I am glad you and your friends weren’t in when the bombing happened.

We walked around the buildings me sketching And Paula using the rangefinder for distances. Three people came out and then returned inside all having a good look around while we were hiding in the hedgerow. We moved fast as soon as the last one returned inside. We had to pass an open stretch of ground.

‘Put your arm around me as if you mean it,’ Paula said. To give the impression we are a courting couple. There are two people coming from the house with two dogs

Continued Friday


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