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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 51

and wait. Peter you stay at the gate you are having visitors you have twenty minutes to make your selection and be in position.’

Peter walked into the air raid shelter ‘I want four volunteers, now you have ten minutes to be ready; the first four to jump out of bed were selected make sure you are dressed your loaded pistols and twenty rounds each.’ Then there was a rush, no the rest of you stay in bed.

‘We are calling into the kitchen to collect food for each of us, and then moving to the gate to eat it. Hurry we have only ten-minutes to be there then I will give you your instructions all at once.

The cooks had no time to dress in their whites, all the sandwiches were ready and water bottles filled just in time to be collected.

The boys ate their sandwiches at the gate while they were waiting.

Peter gave each one his instructions; ‘Save your water you will need it for later. When the trucks arrive two out of sight on the far side with weapons ready and two on this side I will call you one at a time. Then climb into the passenger side door and guide the driver through to the parking area.’ Out of sight from the air, you all know the area for fifty miles diameter remember there are no signposts they have all been removed so it is you’re job to guide the driver of the truck to his destination as quick as you can you were near the top of the list on your navigational courses. Now is the time to put you on a real test also you must follow your commanders instructions.’

Four trucks arrived at two minute intervals giving Peter the password he indicated for the first to climb on board and move then the next three did the same.

A large military car stopped at the gate the driver who looked familiar ordered me into the back to join a man dressed as a naval officer no rank showing.  Second person dressed in a navy uniform spoke ‘This is Commander’. ‘Victor Voss’ Peter finished.

‘Peter there are no road signs how good are the guides?’

‘They are the best we have available’

Do they know what they are about to do?

‘No Sir’

We arrived around the rear of the building and parked in the shade next to Mr Grimly and the person known only by his pass-word and Rupert.

There were warm handshakes all around. Apart from the young sailor who went to the rear of the car and opened the pull down boot lid to form a very handy table to layout five road maps.

Password looked over the five maps pinpointing each place and the exact number of people in each place.

It’s time to bring in the raid commanders and the guides, also stand the men down for a comfort stop there were ten in each truck all blacked up and loaded for house clearance.

The guides saw the maps for the first time. Two picked up a map each they knew the areas very well the places where they lived’

‘That’s two taken care of,’

Continued Wednesday


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