Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 50

night long to different stations. One was raided and closed down two nights ago. She was as mad as hell. It was another link in the chain that had been broken. There are others, I can tell you where they are. I have managed to infiltrate there organization I’m the person the tip off came from. For the other night’s successful raid, now I must speak to my contact your friend Peter can verify. I was to contact him if my life was in danger I have a pass word which will identify me.’

‘Then we will test it out when he is available.’ Rupert said.

Silence fell in the room each one alone with their own thoughts.

Questions were racing though Rupert’s head can we trust this fellow? Is he genuine? His claims about Peter could they be true, has something happened while Peter and Mark were away staying with Marks family we have had no chance to talk to each other, about the weekend then there is the question why was this place bombed? This will have to wait until tomorrow. The man had fallen asleep. The driver was in the final stages of exhaustion.

A quiet knock on the door brought Rupert to full alert, silently taking a position before asking. ‘Who is it?’

‘Mr Grimly’

Recognising the voice he removed the chair wedged under the handle to admit Mr Grimly. Repeating what had been said. His photograph memory made this possible. ‘He wanted to speak to Peter as he fell asleep.’

‘Wedge the door again then we can sleep for the rest of the night.’ Mr grimly said.

The next morning the man had found the kitchen and breakfast was on the table for four people, Morning gents I trust you had a good sleep! The chair had been removed from the door.

‘I do need to speak to Peter very urgently, after breakfast will do fine then the Head Master and thanks for the rescue. It means my cover is not blown. Silently apart from the noise from the cutlery they ate a very enjoyable breakfast.

After the meal it was time to find Peter, Rupert left in search of his friend the driver left to check on the truck.

‘My name is Mr Grimly I am headmaster of this establishment what’s on your mind?’

‘I can’t talk without first contacting Peter’

‘Good that is as it should be’

In walked Peter with Rupert

‘You must be Peter a word in your ear, Victor Voss.’

‘Are you’

‘Radio,’ I finished off.

‘What help do you need? This is Headmaster. Sir I will give you a number to contact and we will leave the room while you do so we will be waiting outside.

Rupert did not ask any questions simply lead the rest of the group out of the room away from the door and awaited developments these were not long in coming.

‘Peter select four lads to go with you to the gates, there will be four trucks arriving one lad to each truck then guide each one to the space behind the main building and park them away from each-other and don’t ask questions just stay with each truck

Continued Monday


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