reading and writing using a computer course, Young Families with dyslexic children

Granddad Rays Magic Computer

Granddad Rays Magic Computer

Learn to Read and Write using a computer.

By Raymond Johnson

Start Section three

Hi everybody

The alphabet has 26 letter shapes that can produce Millions of word shapes

Every time you speak or sing you are using word shapes that is in your memory writing is a way to put your word shapes onto paper, as each word has its own sound that’s right you have printed your name as word shapes and sound shapes.

The space bar is important to keep one word shape away from the next that’s        thelongone thebar inthe centre try breaking the long word shape into the correct word shapes.

When you click on the first red underlined word and then right click the mouse a dropdown list will show this word is wrong now place a space after the first three letters then re-click the right button on the mouse do the same with the other underlined words great you can now use the spell checker no pain there then.

The numbers 0123456789.  10 numbers that can create millions of sums, fantastic, we will be working with both of these in the future.

Highlight the page then copy to word  as any underlining does not show in red


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