Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 49

They stopped coughing then started whispering concocting a false story even though they were caught red handed. They were monitoring messages and translating for the British Government. They can’t prove any different.

The woman said, Once we are not transmitting for twenty four hours the frequency will be changed and if we don’t respond on the new one the place will be blown up using the radio to do it.’

‘I didn’t know that I could have been killed at any time’

‘So could I, a small sacrifice for the mother-land’

The both fell silent the attitudes towards each other became frosty in the extreme.

Peter said, ’I wish I was in my bed I could sleep the clock around.’

‘Same with me I wonder what happened to that messenger boy when the butcher went in with that skinning knife, still in the end he would admit being a traitor to England so they will bury him up to his ankles head first like the other feet we have seen sticking out of the woods.

‘I wonder if they kill them first, I do hope so it will be terrible if they are buried alive,’ commented Peter.

‘They could have been directing bombers to targets in England of course that is different if they bomb a school the pupils could be buried alive. Then I would do it myself.’  Rupert chipped in with his comment.

The truck drove into the driveway and up to the gymnasium. Everywhere in darkness and deserted apart from the occupants of the truck. We escorted the two prisoners to a side door. Mr Grimly used his key then we stepped inside and closed the door only then did we light the torches. The prisoners were told to sit on the floor,

‘Now I bet you are going to tell me you are a listening post spying on the Germans and translating into English what has been reported over the radio.’

Very eager to help they shouted, ‘Yes that is true’

‘Now I will inform you that it’s’ the standard answer all you’re people are trained to say it.

‘Sir I did let it slip about being buried up to their ankles head first in the woods’ admitted Peter.

‘What happens if you fail to report?’

They both shrugged their shoulders.

‘Does the place blow up including your neighbours?’ Mr Grimly asked as he banged his hand down hard on a desk.

‘Or are they a small sacrifice for the motherland?’

The woman became wild eyed and hysterical then started screaming we will soon be ruling over you. Then I will have every one of you horse whipped in public! You’re the scum of the earth. We are the superior race.

The man did his best to get a way, to gain some distance from her. ‘I didn’t know I was to be blown up, she kept that a secret; get me away from her she is a fanatic.’

Rupert and the driver took him out through another door. She started to imitate a spitting cobra. Fortunately she had no venom except the way she felt.

The man started to tell everything he knew about the links of a spy ring, ‘She was one of the leaders of the circuit. Messages were being transmitted through her all

Continued Friday


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