Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Sorry for missing Monday Page 48

Page 48

truck went straight past at the correct time to mask any noise. Rupert arrived with a short ring of the bicycle bell and knocked at the door.

‘A voice asked in English who is that?

‘Put the light out and let me in quick’

The light was quickly extinguished and the door opened touches were flashed on into the faces of the two occupants. One of the men ran through to open the rear door. They ran through the house like grease lightening no other occupants in the house Sir. The officer gave two blasts on his whistle to stand the road blocks down. Then the pains taking work started inside, as the truck returned to the front and parked up. The driver started an outside search found nothing coming down the walls. A very well muffled sound came from a small shed at the bottom of the garden an air raid shelter close by with a false room at the rear. Moving inside to report what he had found. Mr Grimly said in a loud voice there is nothing here we have been given false information.

Calling some of the men out leaving three hidden inside they left then climbed into the truck putting the bicycle in the rear. Then drove away returning to the pub car park, to await further developments, the driver and Mr Young went down the grass verge and disappeared to the rear of the air raid shelter. Peter, Rupert and Mr Grimly hid close to the wall at the front out of sight of any occupants. Soon the generator noise increased the roof of the shelter opened and an aerial came up six feet above and started to rotate to find a signal.

Mr Young reported what he had seen. In less than a minute the door was opened the four stepped inside and closed the door. Using hand signals to indicate which room. The four rushed up stairs leaving one on guard to open the rear door to let the driver in.

The two occupants were so intent in trying to send out a message they didn’t notice the two people standing like shadows close to them it was only when the other four were in, the room became crowded. Rupert put on the headphones to listen the woman started shouting loud in German. Rupert blocked the mouth piece to stop it being broadcast. They were rushed down two flights of stairs their hands tied behind their backs. When she started spitting they were quickly gagged.

‘Sir the arrangements with the aerial is booby-trapped I think it can be remotely detonated but I am no expert.’

‘Thanks for the warning now collect the truck and return we have these two and the two boys to return to the school.’

After the driver left to collect the truck, Mr Grimly rushed up stairs, ‘Don’t touch anything the aerial setup is booby-trapped Three of you stay down stairs. I will call in the specialists and signals men they will be in service uniform and I will give them and you a password anyone else prepare to shoot before you open the door you may have unwanted company.’

The two boys hurried down stairs to join the rest so did not hear the password. The truck stopped outside, those who were leaving were bundled into the rear with the boys. Not knowing the boys could speak German they pretended to choke so the boys removed the gags.

Continued Wednesday


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