Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

page 47

Take him to the Toilet and when you return lend him your torch until tomorrow morning so he can eat. Locking him for the night, the light switch on the store cupboard being outside, the torch was his only illumination so used it sparingly…

Out of hearing away from the cupboard, ‘He talked when at the toilet he is terrified of being called a traitor. Well! I did hint of it. That is why it took so long at the toilet the shock hit him giving me the information; the house address is ten miles away. There are two people who relay any messages; how they do it he doesn’t know he has to report there every three days. About anything that is happening around the area he uses a bicycle, for transport it’s hidden in the long grass so he can report about the bombing. The radio that was taken from him was handed to him by a woman when they met at the Dog and Sheep-dip that is what the locals call it.
‘I don’t know the proper name but some one will know about it even at this hour we must find Mr Grimly and report to him. We might even get the chance to go on the raid to pick them up or take over the radio and feed false news.
Mr Grimly opened the door still wearing his pyjamas and a dressing gown, ‘You two are supposed to be asleep,’
‘We have had a persuasive chat with our prisoner who has spilled out a lot of information’
‘Call out Mr Young tell him to get dressed we are all going on a raid get ready as soon as you can and report here.’ Quickly arranging for the village outlet roads and pathways all to be closed he then dressed ready the three of us reported at a dead run a small truck appeared from nowhere we climbed into the rear which contained a bicycle and three other people. Mr Grimly in the front cab.
We seemed to be flying through the darkness with no lights. And then pulled into a pub car park the duty policeman came up the road reported no one has moved in or out of the street.
Mr Grimly took control, ‘I want one volunteer to ride the bicycle who can speak German so if you are asked in either language you can answer without hesitation.
Put the light out and let me in hurry say no more understood.’
‘Yes Sir,’ said Rupert and Peter together.
‘Three covering the rear and the rest with me whoever is riding the bicycle the other one with us! When we are in position we will signal for you to commence. Driver once we are in position drive past to the next check point then turn around and return through the village. To collect us all at the house understood.
There was a quiet chorus of ‘yes Sir’.
‘Now Officer follow the vehicle and stop near the house and once we are inside and everything is under full control, have you briefed your men to call it off on your signal’
‘I have indeed Sir.’
The three going to the rear ran down the grass verge moving silently and disappeared into the darkness, the quarter moon giving enough light to see with as the rest moved into position the signal was given. Rupert set off on the bicycle. The

Continued Monday


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