Dyslexia, reading and writing using a computer course, Young Families with dyslexic children

Granddad Rays Magic Computer

Section Two

Granddad Rays Magic Computer

Learn to Read and Write using a computer.course

By Raymond Johnson

Then have them print their name and a friend’s name

fish and chips let them print the letter shapes themselves

The next phase is to highlight then reduce the size of font from 48 to 28

dogs and cats.  Let them sound spell it

add two more short sentences about sister or brother

my friends name is Tommy

fish and chips

Have them copy with a pen then ask them to read what they have wrote these are short stories. To them it is a miracle join in their excitement save and place in the folder the aim is to show progression from the first page to the second. Then create another sheet to write on this time 28 point

Keep opening the same file I have files over 60 pages long this is a quick reference to progress.

The next time we will reduce size of point and more information.

Highlight the page then copy to word  as any underlining does not show in red


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