Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

page 46

A massive cheer filled the hall we want volunteers to help the cooks to cook hot meals for forty people the cooks were overwhelmed with volunteers also some to empty the tractor. This was done in seconds and mark sent on his way.

Twenty minutes later Mark returned with four men standing in the scoop and the procession of rescuers singing as they triumphantly marched each side of the tractor. They had been trapped by two bombs one the night before and the second the one Mark had seen.

Rupert said ‘Congratulations Mark you get all the fun now I know you want to take the prisoner apart. Suddenly Mark came back to reality Rupert I am glad to see you I see someone has stolen our bedroom while we have been away I hope Peter’s typewriter has survived. But that is a story for Peter to tell you about. Come and have a meal there will be plenty for a few extra.

I see Mr Young was one of the people rescued did you know?

‘No I haven’t had time yet I must find him later now food calls.’

They sat at one of the long tables in the dining room, the food delivered to the tables by the younger members of the school, eager for information about the rescue and talk to their heroes who were involved.

Mr Grimly called for silence ‘Thank you all for volunteering to provide this special meal the rescuers will talk to you tomorrow. Due to the damage to the accommodation we will be sleeping in the bomb shelters for a few nights. The four trapped men will be seen by our Doctor after your meal.  I am very proud of all of you in your valiant rescue efforts when you finish your meal move to your allotted shelter and rest, school work is suspended for tomorrow. Breakfast will be ten o’clock morning.’

Rupert asked ‘Has the prisoner been fed?’

Peter dashed into the kitchen just in time before the food went into the swill bin for the pigs. ‘Put a good pile on a plate and cover it we are taking it to the prisoner before we turn in for the night, before you say anything don’t ask.’

The prisoner was locked in a store room with no light a mattress on the floor a pillow and three blankets to keep warm. They shone the torch in his eyes then said we have brought you food placing it on the floor with a fork and spoon.

Rupert whispered in German. Can I contact anybody to let them know you are well and arrange to get you out of here?

‘What are you two whispering about? Peter said as he kicked the door very hard and just for good measure punched the wall with his bare fist.

‘I was asking if he needed any medical treatment Sir’

What did he say? I don’t understand Douche or however you pronounce it. You translate NOW’

‘He has not spoken Sir’

‘Tell him to answer your question’ his food is getting cold’

‘He quickly gave his contact address and name’

He said he does not need any medical attention and thanks you for asking Sir.’

Continued Friday


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