Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 45

‘Not yet, ‘All change now and take a drink of water the good news is no one was trapped in the bombing yesterday those staying were on a cross country run when it happened’. They all cheered. ‘Now the new gang start digging while the others take a rest can two of you take a water bottle to the almost clear vent and I will bring the box of lights and water tubes another carried the car battery one side had been cleared of soil then Mark pushed a larger tube through as a speaking tube ‘can anyone answer over’

‘Yes but it is pitch black we can’t see each other over.

‘I’m going to pass two small lights through and light them with a battery then we will pass two water tubes with taps and we will fill them with a small funnel all of you take small sips we have a plentiful supply of water. We are digging in relays to clear tones of soil away from the doors and vents Is there any casualties? Over’

‘NO we can have a sleep while your team digs us out the lighting is great can you pass me the Sunday Times?’ ‘Sorry I have not had time to get one. Use the speaking tube when you want another drink out.’

The second ventilator was cleared of earth then there was a shout we are through to the rear door top extra help rushed to the rear and started franticly digging away in minutes it was cleared to halfway down the door now have a break and let a fresh team in go and get sandwiches and a drink you will all be here when the door is ready to be opened then we take sandwiches in for the men inside leaving them inside to get accustomed to the light. Before we bring them out remember your training.

Mark collected all their names on a sheet of paper with the rescue report progress this will be logged in the school records. I am going down to arrange a cooked meal for all of you; do you want any reinforcements or do you want to complete this work as a team?

‘We will complete the rescue ourselves we can manage to keep going as long as it takes. ’

‘I would not expect you to say otherwise.’

The shout came we have cleared the door it can be opened from the inside.

Whistling down the speaking tube then a voice came up what is it? Over

‘The rear door has been cleared of soil can you open the bolts and we will bring in food and water! Over

Two staggered to the door after some fumbling the bolts were slid open and a little push enough for those outside to get their fingers in the space. Stand back and we will pull it open. The light is still quite bright so cover your eyes three of the rescuers helped them back inside while others took in sandwiches and water stay with them the rest gather up all the equipment and load it in the scoop. I will take this lot down and order the meals for everyone. Empty the scoop and come up to take them down in the scoop with you the rescue team.

Mark started the tractor and returned to the main hallway entrance more had returned from their weekend away to the news there was a silence as he handed his report to Mr Grimly who read it out the rescue has been completed successfully.

Continued Wednesday


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