Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 44

The radio came alive asking if the bombing was successful ‘Peter’ said ‘perfect in German out’. The radio fell silent. ‘Look the tower must have been hit yesterday that is why we were called back their prisoner gave another cackle for which he received a very hard fist in the face.

‘That’s enough we want some left to interrogate, after we dig those guys out of the bunker.’

That put the situation in prospective they broke into a trot dragging their prisoner along with them the car arrived at the front just as they came into view. ‘Looks as if you have been having fun? That bombing was close.’

‘This degrading specimen was guiding it by radio only we cut him short.

And gave them the point to release the bombs we must get as many people as possible to dig out the observation post Mark ran in to tell Mr Grimly about the post and grab as many as possible with shovels to clear the doorways and ventilating ducts.

When they were given the news, three dozen took off with shovels and picks for the rescue operation led by Mark.

Mark said ‘Slow down to a quick walk so when we arrive we can start digging immediately not waiting to get our breath back’ This proved to be a sensible request; You six start on the front door you six on the rear door and another six on the ventilators there are three vents one in the middle and one four foot from each end. every fifteen minutes change over that way there will be continuous digging until the rescue is complete. I am going back to organise drinks and food for you all and borrow the sports field tractor to bring it up here. And a tube to pass water in through the ventilator shaft and a battery light for those trapped inside.

On returning he said what he wanted two left for the chemistry lab to collect the tubes with taps and funnels. Another two were rigging miniature lights and collecting the necessary batteries. All hands to the kitchen to make sandwiches collect mugs and fill five small barrels of water.

Mark left for the sports field to collect the tractor and fit the carrying scoop to the rear by the time he returned to the front everything was ready and soon loaded in the scoop Mr Grimly asked Mark ‘will you get them out?’ Mark explained that they were working in two relays to keep continuous digging so the answer is yes we will not give up until they are free. Is anyone trapped in here?’

‘No we were all on a country run when it happened this morning, thanks to Peters planning we were all hidden in the woods when the bomber came over and did his worst.’

‘One other thing is Mr Young in the bunker?

‘Sadly yes’

‘Then they will all be kept calm by him which will stop panic inside. I better get going now.’ With that said he jumped onto the tractor and away off up the hill slowly so as not to drop anything off the scoop.

There was frantic digging at one vent the rest were standing waiting to hear any news ‘back to the digging all of you we need the doors open as soon as possible calmness returned and digging recommenced now have you had a changeover?’

Continued Monday


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