Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 43

‘We are not going to the station; we are going direct to the boarding school we will be there in two hours Father received a phone call from Mr Grimly and he is trying to contact others. Father would not say why but I think he knows but would not tell me.’

‘I noticed the car is painted in navy colours! Does it belong to the navy?

‘Not exactly it is a commando vehicle the weapons behind are real and loaded ready for action the two drivers are commandos the flashing lights gives us priority over other traffic.’ Mark commented.

‘I noticed there are two sten-guns with four magazines each and two shotguns with two belts of cartridges. Are any of these weapons for us to use?’ Peter asked the two commandos.

‘Can you handle any of them safely?

Yes we have trained with them using live rounds.

Four of us will be better than two they agreed.

‘What will we be up against when we arrive?

We don’t know, we will stop before we arrive then two of us will get out and approach from a different direction as a precaution. It is five miles to the boarding school do you know any rear entrances. Every one said Peter I can draw you a map the best way in we can see the mansion house it has a turret on the south east corner the top floor is our room we will be shielded by a head height hedge.

We were dropped off at the start of the hedge then the car sped off to approach up the front drive.

‘My name is Ivor what is yours?’ ‘Peter’ ‘now if you see anything out of place say I then point I will say P and point no other talking understood!’ ‘Yes Sir’

They hurried along the hedge keeping so low they could be mistaken for animals keeping changing positions. P was fifty feet ahead then signalled to drop and waited for I to catch up, they were both lying in the long grass. There is a man taking photos and talking on a radio looking through a hole in the bottom of the hedge from there you can see the front of the building.’

‘Keep working your way to the corner. I will cross the long grass and take him alive if I can If he turns towards me and it looks like he has a weapon shoot him’

Peter followed the hedge into the corner then slowly kept bending down as if picking mushrooms from the grass so looked harmless to the stranger giving a false impression that he had not seen him lying in the grass half under the hedge.

Ivor was close enough to hear him giving instructions in German so pounced on him and ripped the wireless out of his hand. P rushed up and kicked him hard in the stomach. The stranger shouted you’re too late and started shouting in a high pitched cackle you’re too late the sound of a heavy bomber fast approaching in thirty seconds the bombs were raining down harmlessly exploding in the fields the last one to fall close to the observation post pilling tons of soil on top of the bunker.

Peter squeezed through the hole, ‘I’m going for help to dig out the lads in the bunker.’

‘Stop help! me pull this swine through the hole then I will come with you dragging him with us’

Continued Friday


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