reading and writing using a computer course, Young Families with dyslexic children

Granddad Ray’s Magic computer

Start page one

Granddad Ray’s Magic computer yes you can do magic this is how

For five year-old on-wards

These instructions are for setting up the computer and testing for dyslexia.

First test the person with different fonts to find the clearest one to read. That is the best so set it as the font.

Set the point size to 48

Then have the person to type the alphabet and the numbers 1234567890 it is important that they do it themselves without help it may take time

The reason is for you to make sure that every letter and every number is in correct order’ then highlight the work.

Next go to page layout on the top ribbon Page Colour background there are many colours to choose from experiment with different colours again select that colour

You now have the best setup to suit the person

Have glasses set with that colour glasses then they can type in black and white wearing the tinted glasses.

Below the alphabet create 48 font size starting at the left ask them to print their names in lower case only. Then congratulate them on being so good

raymond johnson

You will notice the name is underlined in red this indicates the spelling is not correct the computer will do this every time the word is not spelled correctly this will be used later to our advantage. Print the two pages. Now with a fine pen copy all the large typing on to the large lined paper include all the numbers after copying all the work sheet check to make sure they are the correct shape and in order and save their work in a folder.

Set the font to 48 point. Use shift key and hold small dash this will give you a continuous line for the next page to practice copying with a pen.

Highlight the page then copy to word  as any underlining does not show in red


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