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Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

page 41

Victor moved the plate magnifier over the two pins. ‘Remember you asked the question why no roads? This answers the question. Come down and take a look!

Descending the steps, Peter looked through the plate ‘What is that?

‘Look to the next two pins and the pile in-between them.’

Peter shook his head, ‘I should know but, the two things could be cranes for lifting things off the piles that is distributed along the edge of the fields it could be done at night without lights.’

‘You’re correct they are portable rails for narrow gauge railways, they can be placed down at night and removed before first light leaving no indication of the depot. That is why there are no roads for distribution. They can move large volumes of ammunition and food to the front battle lines, using small diesel trains that can be hidden in the forest during daylight.’

‘Loaded during the day in the depot and moved at night when the lines are in-place. Also returning empty carriers to the depot to be re-loaded during the day’ said Peter.

Victor said, ‘That’s all the proof I needed. This is something you have never seen, thanks for signing the papers.  Now it is time for you to return the buggy. If you are happy to return you will be most welcome to stay. I hope you and Paula enjoy the picnic here is the buggy now.’

We shook hands and he departed into his study. I went in-search of Paula’s Mother to thank her for her hospitality and hope that next time we meet we will have more time to talk.

Paula was sitting in the buggy, my case in the rear with the picnic hamper. ‘Come on driver,’ I climbed on board and took the reins and started down the driveway.

‘Do you know the way? Asked Paula

‘No but the horse does, I drew it a map earlier in the day and he nodded so we don’t need the reins, I whispered picnic spot in his ear and that is all he needs to know. The special skill is horse whispering I have been doing it since Lady Blocky taught me how to do it.’

‘Are you winding me up?’

‘Now would I do that?’

‘Yes Peter you would’

The proof is when we arrive at the turning point, for the picnic area by the stream where it has been widened to form a bay.

‘How do you know about the widening of the stream?’

‘Will you write to me at the boarding school?’

‘Don’t change the subject and yes I will, we can type letters to each other for practice.’

Peter gave a little cough and the horse turned left following the road to the picnic area. He arrived and stopped under the shade of a tree. Jumping out of the buggy and walking around to the rear, lifting out the nose bag for the horse and placing over the horses head then removing the harness and leading him down to the stream to drink after removing the bag. Leaving him to have a roll and graze on the lush grasses. Looking around, taking in the tranquil view of the gently swaying water

Continued Monday


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