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How to read and write using a computer

A special offer I am 77years, from the age of 60 I was informed by a retired Head of arts lecturer I was dyslexic, because I could see all the subtle detail that others never see. Then the bombshell  he said“ I left school unable to read or write. I found a way using a typewriter. Find a way to read and write using a computer” I never saw him again.

Over the last 17 years I have researched many different Ideas most all ending up with statistics and a lot of frustration. A few months ago I had been performing three poems at a venue when the subject cropped up Dyslexia she said we want to set up a unit but I have a professor of English who has agreed his comment “But I don’t know how to help dyslexics” That was my spring board to develop my system.

To obtain you’re free section, E-mail with your name and e-mail address the free section this has to be completed.  Then each Phase increases their working knowledge at a pace they can understand with easy to follow instructions building on the first section. There are another fifteen sections at a cost of £1 each section released in three sections at a time.  The money goes to a fund for setting up a development unit.

I look forward to your future correspondence your views will be acted upon.

Best wishes Ray


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