Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 40

Victor and the butler returned through the rear entrance and changed clothes. Victor strolling into the dining room for his breakfast, met Peter and Paula coming out ‘Morning Peter I will meet you in the library in twenty minutes knock I will be inside. Paula will you see to the packing of your case and place it in the buggy, for you two to return it to Damien; I am sure you can rustle up a picnic don’t forget Mark and Peter have to catch the four-thirty train.’

Peter and Paula dashed to Peter’s room to pack his case and carry it to the front lobby. Paula left for the stables to check on the horses and inform Frank to harness the buggy ready for returning it to Sir Damien.

‘Have you settled in your new home with the others Frank?’

‘Yes Miss Paula It’s a great team and they all like working for you, so I asked if they got whipped and I showed them my back.’ They said, ‘Nothing like that has ever happened, we help the gardeners and they help us it is like one big happy family working as a team. Mr Voss will talk to each of us by our own name.

Treats us like human beings he does, any guests that stay he insists they call us by our first names. It makes us all feel good.’

‘They asked about the new horse Silver Arrow they understand horses and all agreed to stay away from him and not to let strangers go too near.’

‘You did fine Frank can you have the buggy at the front entrance in forty minutes we will be returning it to Sir Damien’.

Frank turned white. ‘Do I have to go back there?’

‘No it will be Mr Peter and myself returning the buggy you have come to help me look after Silver Arrow, you can stay here as long as you want too, I hope you will be very happy and if you’re not happy tell me why, there is no bulling here I will not allow it even when we are away racing or point to point other racing teams tried it with our crew. So I gave them a lesson in rough and tumble.’

‘Would you teach me this rough and tumble please’

‘Yes in time,’ Said Paula as she hurried to the hall entrance leaving Frank to harness the buggy.

Peter had joined Victor in the library, there was no sign that he had been out all night. The butler brought in a large plate of cumber and salmon sandwiches on a trolley with three large mugs of steaming coffee laced with Rum all three sat down together. After devouring all the food and coffee,

Victor said, ‘That feels a lot better, while you were sleeping Peter we acted on the note which proved extremely successful. We have rounded up all twelve who parachuted in plus there HQ subject closed; now down to business I have added the surrounding photos. Can you run your eyes over the rest?’

Peter climbed the steps with his box, ‘The trees to the east are spaced as if the planting has been done in a hatch pattern can you place a pin north and east corner

Another one to the outside east edge move south stop pin again move south pin

This pattern follows at the same spacing’s down the whole east-side of the map out of the forest onto fields with lines in the grass with nothing to see. At the end of the grass tracks there are piles of things stacked. Follow the fence line stop and pin, move on stop pin move on stop two pins.’

Continued Friday


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