Viscount Rupert Blocky serial

Page 39

‘Are you with German intelligence? You’re not much good at it! This is a stud farm for race horses. Your pilots must be rubbish if they can’t see this area is rural. Are the rest as good as you?’ the butler asked sarcastically.

‘Twelve of us have been dropped in a large circle to search and when one of us finds it our bombers will blow it to pieces.’

Victor stood up ‘I think it is time to join the ladies Peter.’

Once outside out of earshot of the storage prison, Victor spoke in flourless German ‘That was a smart piece of thinking’

‘Part of our special training at nights and weekends, I have the address and password in my pocket we can look at it in the hall’

Inside the illuminated hall Victor looked at the note. ‘Well! Well! Who would have guessed? I’ll take charge of this you have not seen this note. So that is where the bombing flights are controlled from. He is due a visit by Commandoes on exercise. You join the ladies for coffee while I make a phone call from my study.’

Peter and the family were enjoying coffee enriched with a touch of Jamaica Rum when they were joined by Victor. ‘After coffee I think it is time to retire I need to be up early.’

They all retired including the Butler the guard had been tripled for the night. Four am Victor and the butler both dressed in battle camouflage, walked to the entrance of the driveway. Four minutes later they were picked up by a commando unit reporting that other units will very soon be in place completely surrounding the buildings the last three hundred yards were covered on foot, meeting the other team leaders he explained what he wanted. Walking up to the front door he knocked. A voice spoke in English who is there? Victor answered with the password the door was opened taken by surprise and the punch to the jaw silenced the door opener while the rest went to open the locked doors in less than a minute the ground floor was searched and cleared including the wine cellar.

Forty commandos rushed up the carpeted staircase quickly searched all rooms for occupants. In the corner of library a chink of light shone through under a bookshelf.

Taking an ornament and deliberately dropping it on the fireplace it broke with a crash. The library wall flew open exposing the four occupants to the guns of the commandos.

This is my house get-out immediately behind them a message was coming through.  Victor grabbed the microphone and answered in German.

The four prisoners were silenced when guns were thrust in their necks the butler indicated for them to be taken down stairs and searched eight took them away the rest searched the attic rooms which revealed a very high power short wave transmitter and receiver. And five small receiver transmitters with only a twenty-five mile range. Victor used a call sign for them and one after another confirmed returning to base.

Eleven returned between five and six AM, used their password and taken prisoner.

All the members were immediately taken away for interrogation.

Continued Wednesday


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