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I have Received Many E-Mails

I have Received Many E-Mails

I have Received Many E-Mails about the rapidly increasing illiteracy in the population 75% in the American Jails are illiterate this begs the question is this one of the causes? The anger and frustration of application rejection for advertised work. The problem of filling in forms, due to not understanding the questions, then inner panic sets in.

I was talking to a dyspraxia sufferer two days ago, I explained something that was trivial to me yet it had troubled him for years. He felt that I would not laugh at him that is why he asked then he came out with the following:-

A tiny piece of the right help beats a mountain of statistics.

With that thought churning in my mind over and over again.

I thought of some information I received when I was sixty how to learn to read and write using a type writer for years I worked using a computer now after over 100 poems and stories  four books published and two plays wrote.

I have been spending hundreds of hours turning it into a simple course for five year olds onwards the same problems crop up at all ages. Should I supply the course on a memory stick or a disc or both? Very little help is required to your son or daughter or parents. Please reply with your views.


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