Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 38

‘Eight thirty pm. ‘As you caught the blighter would you care to have a few words with him,’ asked Victor.

Without a word Peter walked out with Victor to one of the grain sheds where the gardeners were standing guard. Opening the door the little guy was holding a pitchfork his voice a very high pitch more of a terrified screech. ‘Don’t hit me’ Peter ignored him and removed a handkerchief and casually dusted off one seat for Victor and then another for himself. Seated three metres apart and ignoring the young jockey not even looking at him. ‘The steak and buttered potatoes in their jackets, you have a fabulous chef, he is too good to give him the title cook where did you find him?’

‘He was head chef at the Wellington in London until the Germans bombed it killing his wife so I brought him out of London to be our Chef. He wanted to go to a prisoner of war camp, we could not take the risk he would have killed all the POW’s, ’

Hearing this little story the jockey through away the pitchfork in broken English he pleaded, not to let him come near him.

Ignoring his pleas, Victor asked, ‘how long is it since you last fed? ‘At least two days more like three days ago Sir.’  Without a word Victor walked to the door calling one of the guards, ‘Go over to the hall and ask the butler for food before he sends it for the pigs and bring it here this fellow needs feeding.’

Peter speaking in German took the chance, ‘When we are alone who the hell sent you and who is your contact, I hope you have not ruined it for me I have just managed to be accepted into the families, give me the address and password ID. Hurry! There coming back I’ll Try to get you out of here as soon as possible.’ hiding the note in his pocket reverted to English.

‘What were you looking for?’

Victor said ‘I have ordered the butler to bring you food. Are you here to steal one of my horses?’ This was to give him a chance to make up a story.

The door opened and the butler entered with a covered platter, napkin, knife and fork then produced a lock pick. ‘Is this yours sir it was found where you fell in the lobby.’

‘Yes err I mean no’

‘I think it is part of the kit strapped to your left thy, I noticed it when I hauled you to your feet, to be taken away by the guards now If I were to search you it would not be there.’ Walking over to the wall and removing a loose stone, guess what I have found? Here is the rest of the kit including a keyhole camera, do you find that interesting? Now it is either tell the truth, or a visit to the piggery to go in the pen with the razorback hog. He prefers meat alive; you will have to wait until tomorrow because one of the hounds jumped into the pen well! You can guess the rest; now enjoy your meal before it goes cold.’

Violently shaking with the fear that had been placed in his mind by suggestion without reverting to any violence had the desired effect.

‘We were parachuted in to look for an Intelligence headquarters somewhere near here find it and report it with the proof, that is the camera to take pictures from inside and out then pass them on to a German agent to send to intelligence.

Continued Monday


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