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You Don’t Die of Dyslexia

You Won’t Die of Dyslexia

You won’t die of any of the following Dyslexia, Dyscalculia or dyspraxia. Life doesn’t end if you fail an exam. I really started at the age of seventy to improve and understand the English language. Before, I joined words together sometimes I would place capital letters in the middle of a word or at the end. I had no interest in reading fiction.

What really changed me was developing computer skills and joining a writing club. Yes I have qualifications based on practical work as well as theory. Then I developed learning to read and write using a computer.

A few days ago I was watching my five year old showing me what he could do on the computer.

First  ‘I can type my names but they join together,’ so I showed him the space bar and how to use it. ‘Why did nobody show me at home or at school?’

Second ‘I learned the alphabet and count up to 200 when I was three. Since I started school I have to say ah, bu, ch, du, eh, fuh, gu etc

Leave it for now and I will explain in a minute’

I can spell fish so he typed the word Fish what goes with fish?

I can spell (and)

Fish and ch I pu si  got it chips

‘That is a sentence’

‘That’s good’ I said that turns sounds into words

So words are sounds or sounds are words?

(The chicken or egg situation)

‘Have a think about it. Then tell me what you think’

The answer is a surprise. Animals make noises but don’t speak so it is sound that makes words, each sound is a word with its own sound.  A child working things out in his own mind now I can understand He said.


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