Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 37

‘Actually I would like to give him to you as one is as wild as the other, or should I say free spirited as each other. There is a condition; Paula will you type letters to me?  And I can reply in type to you.

‘Mark Is bringing your suitcase on their tractor it is quicker than I could ride over and collect it. Also your bed is room 20 shall I call you for dinner seven thirty?

‘That’s fine Paula’ Victor said.

‘Let’s start with question 5 each sheet is ten miles by eight’

‘That is about two mile run in then the depot is six miles by four miles have you the next North and the West photos we may find outlets on those two; that clears 7, 6 and 5 questions. Reducing the questions to just 1 + 2 also 3 + 4. While you find the photos I will re-scan the depot area.’ Peter said.

Time flew by; the tension could be felt within the room, as they both desperately searched for information. Victor was the first to speak.

‘I have found the west one and here is the north, we have both.’ Peter took a quick look at both photos then looked at the main one and a grin came to his face.

The main photo is not a forest the buildings have bushes planted on them to match the area only the other photos are forest. With conifers in rows whereas the depot has rows of conifers running through it also has long lines of bushes which don’t grow to the height of conifers and are at the same height camouflaging flat roofs of open buildings.

‘Both speaking at the same time ‘that is how they hide the trains.’

The dinner gong sounded, they both looked at the clock. ‘We better join the ladies just one thing Peter don’t mention anything about the photos. I should have asked you to sign the Official Secrets Act before I even mentioned the photos the ones you have not seen. We need to carry on the search after dinner it is of the utmost importance.’

Peter excused himself to freshen up before dinner going to his room to wash and change, on returning along the carpeted corridor his movement was silent. Watching from the landing a jockey trying to pick the study lock. Descending the staircase like a shadow, the jockey was not aware of his presence until he was slammed hard into the door then lifted high in the air and shaken like a rat and dropped onto the floor. The noise brought the butler at a run gun in hand then two gardeners came in with drawn guns. Victor and Paula came running from the dining hall at the commotion. ‘What’s all the noise?’

‘I caught him trying to pick the study lock’

‘Oh Peter I hope you are not hurt,’ said Paula ‘He is not one of our jockeys or Uncle Damien’s,’

‘We will return to the dining hall put a guard on him,’ said Victor to the two gardeners. Victor, Paula and Peter returned, with the butler to serve the delayed meal.  Nothing was mentioned of their prisoner over the meal, more interest was shown about Silver Arrow, and would he be a racehorse or a cross-country point to point. He is a horse with a very strong will does not take kindly to being mistreated, on his back he is like a Rolls Royce to ride Peter turned to Paula do you agree?

Paula nodded in agreement.

Continued on Friday


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