Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 36

‘That is north, the side chapel is facing east and the sun shines from south to north. If you had a map I could draw this in position on it.’ The red phone rang

‘That is “Whitehall”

‘I will leave the room and go into the hall and wait’

Paula came in, ‘Have you been thrown out?’

‘No but I think your father would like some refreshments taken in, we will be in for a while it is so fascinating.’

‘I will arrange it; don’t forget we have to return the buggy to Uncle Damien.’

The study door opened then Victor waved me inside. ‘Can you find any other proof?

‘If I can spend a little time with the magnifier’ setting the stand to follow the Pin line a light dash, then trees, then two tiny dashes together setting the dividers on the two tiny dashes now if we check these with the others in the fake marshalling yard they should match the rails’

‘They do match’ Victor said.

Peter moved the magnifier to the next section this revealed train track points to transfer trains to different sets of tracks the main line is close to the South set of Pins more points leading off to other sidings. ‘There are ten sets of sidings that I can find.’

Paula said ‘This teapot will be cold, should I make a fresh teapot?

This jerked them out of their concentration.

Continued Wednesday

‘Paula ring Damien and tell him Peter and I have work to do so he will be staying tonight and make up a bed for him.’

‘What about the Buggy?’

‘You two can return it tomorrow’ said Victor’

‘Peter you have a very puzzled look on your face what is on your mind?’

‘Will you write these questions down please because I suffer word blindness.

‘Paula suffers the same, Mark has been a great help teaching her to use the typewriter.’

‘Mark is doing the same for me at boarding school; can we start on the questions? Please.

1 There is no road access why?

2 therefore is there any other outlet?

3 is it just for storage?

4 or is it a supply depot?

5 what is the scale of the map?

6 I would like to create a visual size to put things into perspective.

7 are there photos for either side and top and bottom?

Paula entered the study with fresh tea.

‘Let’s discuss this over refreshments’ Victor said. ‘Then we can return to the photo afterwards.’

‘Has Frank and Silver Arrow settled in?

‘Don’t worry about them your horse will be well looked after while you’re away.’

Continued Wednesday


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