Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 35

‘Mark and Paula said you have an exceptional eye for detail this has been proved to me in less than two minutes.

I am intrigued by your request; the ladder will be here shortly and my man will do whatever you wish with the cigar box’

Peter set up the central photo map on a large low table covered with a large sheet of soft board to pin the large map to; using a compass then a T-square; with A4 sheets of paper and a box of drawing pins in easy reach. The gardener handyman arrived to set up the step ladder then left the room, passing a kitchen maid carrying a cigar box and a kitchen breadknife. He cut two eye holes in one end of the box then removed the opposite end then taped the lid to stop light entering from the sides.

‘We are ready will you place the pins where I say as I direct you please’

Climbing the ladder and looking at the overall picture; ‘move your finger up the west-side of the map stop, mark it with a pin, along the north- side almost to the east-side. Pin it looking through the cigar box, this narrowed the field of vision. Starting from the east pin move your finger south and west pin it. Still moving in the same direction, now continue moving stop pin. Change to moving west and add more pins along the line you are following stop pin now move directly north stop. Pin it now move directly south passing the last Pin keep going stop and pin. From this pin move directly west stop and pin, move south and west stop. Pin now west stop Pin. North and west more north finally west close to the west Pin. Now moving north-north-east, stop. Pin now east and join up with the north pin.

Peter climbed down the ladder, ‘Will you care to look, take this box with you it is a help to concentrate your vision’

‘Call me Victor!’ He said as he climbed the ladder to the same height Peter had been standing.

‘All I can see is forest’

‘Now look through the cigar box’

‘Still there is no difference’

‘Focus on the South line of pins and I will place a sheet of white paper close to the Pins. Can you see any change?’

‘There is a dark line in the Green’

‘Now When I remove the paper, look away and look again’

‘The dark line has gone’

‘Stay up the ladder and I’ll place the white papers around all the pins then have a look’

‘What a place to hide a marshalling yard in a forest how did you know?

‘The trees have a coating of soot from the trains, making the area darker. Secondly I followed the exit and there are flashes of light’ through the trees to ground level they will show very clear under the magnifying plate we should start from the north-east pin and follow the rails’

‘There is no indication of compass points’

‘Yes there is, see the church spire where the shadow is?’


Continued Monday


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