Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 34

horses out for a ride to the white’s new stable and arrange accommodation for the stable boy.

Peter and Paula rode very close together as they travelled the four mile to her home, agreeing to write to each other using their typewriters. The talk turned to maps and photography.

‘I think you might find it interesting to have a chat with my father about maps, he has many aerial maps of places. When we arrive I will ask him to show you his collection. First I want to find out the boy’s name I refuse to keep calling him boy then show him around the stable block to stable these two separate from the rest of the horses.’

He can handle; my jester and. you will have to choose a name for him.’

‘Rascal’ the horse shook his head; ‘White Knight’ suggested Paula again the horse shook his head. ‘Silver Arrow’ the boy said and the horse nodded ‘I heard the previous owner call him that.’

‘What is your name? I don’t want to call you boy’ Paula said.

‘Francis my friends call me Frank’ How do I address you Miss Paula?’

‘That will be fine Frank Have you ever ridden Silver Arrow?’

‘Just to exercise him’

‘Good I will return in a few minutes and show you where everything is and then introduce you to the other stable hands and jockeys’

‘Come with me to find my father Peter before Mother finds you first.’

As we entered, the house felt immediately homely and welcoming not regimented in the way of Sir Damien’s; her father came from his study dressed in grey flannel trousers, Turkish slippers, smoking jacket and Fez.

‘Welcome Peter I was just looking at some new aerial photos would you like to come and see? They’re very interesting,’

‘I would love too; Paula will you lend me your paints I would like to paint your father as you are, not in formal dress.

‘The answer is yes’ Paula said ‘Now I’m off to catch up with Frank see you later’

In the study there were maps and aerial photos everywhere, and a plate magnifying glass on a stand ‘what a fabulous piece of equipment,’ I commented.

‘That’s for examining aerial photographs would you care to take a look?’

‘Yes please do you mind if I make a comment. Things are not in proportion have you a pair of dividers?’

Handing Peter the set of dividers ‘What have you found?’

Setting the dividers, ‘the trains cannot enter the tunnels and the rails are not shiny this is not a marshalling yard it is a fake, a good one but a fake, I have set the dividers to the size of the train set them against the tunnels the trains could not go through, the apertures are to small ’

‘I have spent days going over this photo map and have not spotted that, can you find the real marshalling yard?’

‘Do you have a pair of step ladders? The higher the better also a small box a cigar box size would be great.’

Continued Friday


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