Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 33

Paula rushed around with her camera and took a photo of Sir Damien on one side and the portrait on the other side as if they were twins. ‘Oh come and look uncle’ shouted Paula.’

‘This has to be hung in a pride of place you both look magnificent. Regal would be a better description ’

The gong sounded for lunch ‘You two go ahead I will change then join you. As soon as they left the room he rushed around to view his portrait it is the smile that took him by surprise, then the eyes as if they were looking at you wherever you moved. The more he looked the more detail came alive; looking hard at the rings on his fingers they were identical. He also examined the badge of office and the folds in the cream curtains of the background.

There was a shout, ‘Uncle we are all waiting for you for lunch are you coming or are you admiring yourself in the mirror?’

‘I‘m getting changed’ then stepped out to see his son and niece grinning up at him.

‘Father I said he is good now you know just how good

‘I will be down shortly instruct Gordon to start serving the first course’

‘I don’t think I have ever heard father call him Gordon it has always been the butler he has mellowed since Peter came here.’

‘Do you know that your father has given Peter the white horse? I have offered to stable him; also he said to take the boy with him to look after him.’

‘Oh that’s good, to tell you the truth, I think that father couldn’t handle him he is so powerful and has a mind of his own. Yet Peter could ride him as if he had handled thoroughbred horses all his life. When are you taking him over to your stables?’

‘After lunch I have instructed the boy to have the buggy ready and his things packed in it ready for after lunch. Peter will ride the white and I will ride my horse and the boy can handle the buggy and I will drive it here afterwards.’ Paula said.

‘Peter is quite a wizard drawing maps very accurately freehand, he sees every detail and enters them exactly. Just like a photo.’

‘Is he interested in photography?’

‘He is interested in everything, coming on well with reading and writing the teachers had a collection to buy him a typewriter to help him, we have sessions as often as we can; the way we did when I was at home.’

‘Do you think it would be fine if I wrote to him?’

‘Just ask him, he won’t bite you, remember we have to return tomorrow afternoon.’

During lunch Sir Damien raised his glass. ‘You haven’t seen my portrait Peter has painted. It’s brilliant in every detail when it has completely dried I will have it framed, and it will take pride of place in the drawing room next to the white horse, reminding me of two very talented artists. Thank you both, every time I look at them it will remind me of a very special weekend. I have received a letter this morning a citation referring to Marks bravery arresting an armed German Pilot. This makes me very proud of him.’

We all raised our glass to Mark. The gathering then returned to normal conversations around the table. The meal ended at two fifteen, time to take the

Continued Wednesday


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