Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 32

After having the coffee Peter repositioned the hands noting the rings on each hand and in a few minutes the completed hands were in position just the final shading to be applied.

Paula moved behind Peter then shook her head and pulled a face which brought a smile to Sir Damien’s face, ‘keep that expression and look to the right the eyebrows and the eyes showing part of the whites and two light spots, the nose and that wonderful smile followed and the neck line relaxed, now the regal ceremonial white wig would you like a try corn hat?’

‘No’ replied Sir Damien.

‘Paula do you have your camera with you?’

‘It’s in the drawing room I can soon collect it’

‘Don’t be too long it is nearly lunch time’

Paula disappeared down the stairs.

‘Sir I would like to apologise for hitting you the way I did. If you want to throw me out on my ear I will not resist.’

‘You reacted faster than anyone I hope you haven’t painted the bruise on my chin I have been informed you saved my life.’

‘The boy would have, only I happen to be first.’

‘I’ve been thinking about that horse, it came with a bunch of horses I bought from a friend up north. He was an extra thrown in free with the deal. Paula and the boy can handle him but you can master him. Mark is not keen to have him around because he disturbs the rest of them. If you want him he is yours the condition is that you take him away as soon as possible.’

Paula rushed in with her camera, hearing only the words; away as soon as possible, ‘This sounds serious, tell me uncle’

‘Well young lady I have offered to give the wild white to Peter with the condition that he takes him away as soon as possible. I can tell by your blushes you thought I was sending Peter away as soon as possible.’ and chuckled to himself.

‘That’s very kind of you sir but I have nowhere to keep such a fine horse’

Paula jumped in, ‘He could stay at our stable there is plenty of room and I would look after him for you, we could ride across this afternoon. That’s settled, Uncle you have no worries, Peter you have a horse.’

‘You can take the boy to help you as he can handle him when Paula is not there.’

‘I won’t be there I will be back at boarding school with Mark’

‘You can visit us anytime and ride him when you want; I told you we have plenty of guest rooms. Can I tell the stable boy to harness the buggy and place all his gear in and that we will be leaving after lunch? And he is coming with me to look after Peter’s horse. We will have to think of a name for him.

‘Can we return to the portrait there are some finishing touches I want to do before lunch; making the final adjustments with very fine brush marks, satisfied with the portrait. If you would care to view the finished work but please don’t touch as it will take a month to dry completely before it can be framed.’

Continued Monday


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