Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

Page 30

Peter dismounted about fifty feet away and walked the rest of the way leading Paula’s horse.’

‘I suppose in the movies this is where I put my arms around my hero’s neck and kiss him!’ so she put her arms around the horse’s neck and kissed him.

Peter walked up to the horse struggling to keep a straight face while giving him a thorough examination.

‘Thankfully she has not harmed you. We will walk back to the stables. Are you going to walk with your horse or do I have to drag you by your mane and lead the two horses?’

‘I will ride my horse in first ahead of you then return to the corner to meet you and we can walk him in one on either side.’

‘Good idea Paula, I may have out stayed my welcome when I slapped Sir Damien rather hard to bring him out of shock.’

Don’t worry you will be welcome to stay with Mother and Father we have twenty five bedrooms and only three guests and there are eight horses for guests to ride.’

Half an hour had passed since he had raced after Paula; people in the hall were on edge for news of her safety. She rode her mount around the corner into the stable yard, watering and feeding her horse a nosebag of oats, tethering her up to the usual place and then setting off around the corner to meet Peter.

Walking slowly towards the horse so as not startle him giving him a pat on the side and stroked his head as they returned around the corner the horse dropped his head down low in the way of an apology to Sir Damien.

The waiting party had returned to the hall to watch from indoors, seeing Paula return riding her horse was a relief until she turned to the corner and disappeared. Tension started building until all three of them came into view; there was a collective sigh of relief when they appeared.

Paula whispered, ‘I’ll go in and calm the waters while you take care of him and put him in his stall. I suggest you offer to paint Sir Damien in his robes, his vanity would love that.’

‘You know how to twist him around your little finger’

‘I know but don’t tell him that’

They parted in different directions as the horse boy came out to take charge of the calm animal, Peter lead them to the horse trough where the horse was drinking.

The boy said ‘it was a pleasure to see you down the master for what he did to that horse, giving him the taste of what it is like to be beaten. Sorry Sir I have just talked out of turn, even if I get dismissed for saying so.’

‘Your secret is safe with me! Would you like to take him into the stables then we will un-saddle him and give him a straw rubdown when he is chewing hay.’

In ten minutes the horse was contentedly enjoying a feed of hay.

’I can’t put this off any longer, I will have to go into the hall and face the wrath of Sir Damien’ I could hear the boy chuckling as he uttered I wish I could be a fly on the wall.

‘Come in young man Paula has informed me you expressed a wish to paint me in my regalia but I don’t want to appear as a frog’ then laughed.

Continued Wednesday


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