Viscount Rupert Blocky Serial

page 26

gone unnoticed that Paula had steered Peter to a double seat the furthest away from the rest of the gathering.

Peter and the rest of his roommates had no experience of meeting girls, let alone sitting next to them, this came as quite a shock he could feel himself blushing.

‘Is it Ok If I call you Peter?’  His lips started quivering without words. She placed her hand on his knee ‘Don’t worry I won’t bite you, do you ride a horse?’

‘I have ridden the Clydesdales we used when logging off in the forest’

‘Good I will meet you at the stables seven thirty tomorrow morning, and take you on the cross country ride to my house.

Sir Damien entered the room with his son.

‘My son’s name is Mark and will always be Mark definitely not Sue. I am most grateful that his friend had the courage to stand up to me and point out the error of my ways, in more ways than one which I will not mention. Making his way to Peter with out-stretched hand in friendship, I am very proud to know you I will enjoy your company after Dinner. Has Paula booked you for a horse ride tomorrow morning? He asked as they shook hands.

‘Yes Sir’

‘You’re in very safe hands, she is also very happy to play rugby and any other rough and tumble sports.’ The conversation drifted towards the portraits displayed in the room of ancestors, particularly the ability of the artists to create great detail within each frame, creating a mood within a picture.

‘Do you mind if I take a very close look Sir? Peter asked.

‘Any particular one catching your eye’

The one of the silver white horse it is a recent painting no age to it; the rest are painted by well-known artists from various art schools. That one is painted by a very talented local artist.’

‘Can you explain?’

‘The brush strokes are made with modern brushes. The finer details are painted with sable brushes, also it is not signed it would be worth quadruple if it was signed.’

‘You talk like an experienced artist’ expressed Mark’s uncle.

‘I do have equipment with me if you would like a demonstration it won’t take long about ten minutes’ Peter said then he left to collect his book and pencils.

When Peter was out of hearing of the group, the questions started gushing out is he good? I hope we won’t embarrass him, have you seen his work? How good is he? Can he draw that fast? Will it be a portrait? Who will volunteer to sit?

Mark said ‘Have a little patience let Peter decide’ just then Peter entered the room. Then placed a book of his drawings on a table, have a look through these they are sketches I use as home work. For portraits I need to position a person for the best light to give the best reflection of their personality. If I can have a volunteer! Paula?’

Peter had already decided the position for the best light a corner with two windows, the light from one and the backdrop of the other. Selecting and placing the chair in position, seating Paula at an angle in the chair. Adjusting the folds of her

Continued Monday


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