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The invention of the quill pen was an advancement on the burnt charcoal stick. Let’s take things forward again to the early typewriter, this was a fantastic advancement over the Quill pen. All the letters are of a universal size making reading easy compared to misshapen letters scrawled in odd sizes over paper.

Moving ahead the real brain is the computer age. For Dyslexics a miracle of the spellchecker let me explain.

First and foremost Dyslexics have a fantastic memory store of word shapes. Of the words they want to use but can’t focus on the spelling. Once you drop the menu of alternative words you can select the word you want you are ninety eight percent right

True it can put the wrong spelling up to the one you want this happens in all walks of life using the wrong spelling of the word with the same meaning.

Spelling Checker

Eye have a spelling checker

It came with my pea sea

It plainly marques for my revue

Miss steaks eye kin knot sea

Eye strike a quay and type a whirred

And weight four it to say

Weather eye am write oar wrong

It shows me strait a weigh

As soon as a mist ache is maid

It nose bee fore two long

And eye can put the error rite

It is rare lea ever wrong

Eye has run this poem threw it

I am shore your pleased to no

Its letter perfect awl the weigh

My chequer tolled me sew

The above is a post E-mailed to me, it is an example of the wrong words used and yet cleared by the spell checker this is because the words are real words. Had the spelling been wrong they would have been underlined. this is an example of of someone who is so cleaver that he or she thinks they are better than the spellchecker.

Keep on using the spell checker because the more you use it the more word shapes you remember and correct without using the checker.


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